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Gordon Brown the architect of our energy crisis


Ex-PM Gordon Brown sets out plan for tackling energy crisis – including nationalising failing firms who can’t lower bills – and warns ‘crises don’t take holidays’ in jibe at Boris Johnson AND absent Keir Starmer

  • The former Labour leader said that the price cap on bills should be axed
  • He called on ministers to negotiate with individual firms to lower bills
  • Firms going bust due to the cut in income should be temporarily nationalised

Ex-prime minister Gordon Brown has unveiled a detailed plan to help avert a winter energy bill crisis – with a swipe at politicians taking holidays while millions face financial disaster.

The former Labour leader said that the price cap on bills, which is due to soar in October and again in January, should be axed.

He called on ministers to negotiate with individual firms to lower bills and nationalise –  temporarily – any businesses that go bust due to the difference in the rate they charge customers and the wholesale price of gas.

Mr Brown, has already criticised Boris Johnson this week for going on honeymoon last week when the Bank of England unveiled a terrifying analysis of the next 18 months for Britain and he took another swing at politicians taking time off, telling the Guardian: ‘Time and tide wait for no-one. Neither do crises.

Just who does Gordon Brown think he is kidding?

This is the man who voted time and time again, against building more Nuclear power stations, starting the slippery slope of British energy dependence upon Russian Gas, along with wind and solar power that is about as reliable as the weather! (pardon pun)

Successive governments have neglected to address our energy with adequate foresight, resulting in our entire nation being held to ransom, by Russia, the middle east and the weather! Solar power is an excellent supplement to our energy supply, were it to be utilised correctly, for example, developers could be encouraged with incentives to fit solar roofs to all new properties. If every property, residential or commercial that has been built over the last decade had a solar roof, who much supplementary energy would that supply?

Wind power is also good, provided that expectations are realistic, when the wind does not blow, and for many months it has not, they are about as useful as a Chocolate Tea Pot, yet the ‘virtue-signalling’ political classes were determined to make us dependant on that which is least dependable!

“When Trump warned about the danger of becoming dependent on Russian Gas, the German delegation were laughing, I bet they are not laughing now!”

We have a wonderful and clean source of energy, which would never be of any risk in a safety conscious nation like ours. Many people had concerns about Nuclear energy, but there is nothing that even comes close. The ideal would be Nuclear Fusion, which is just about 100% safe, but that has been thirty years away for the last thirty years, so who knows when that will become a realistic option. In the meantime, we need to stick with Nuclear Fission and Rolls Royce have a wonder modular reactor that can power an entire city. They are not only discreet, camouflaged in beautiful buildings, they are safe and can be commissioned much faster than large, ugly traditional facilities.



We need to learn from the never ending crisis that we are in, that is for sure. However, to have Gordon Brown, taking this opportunity to cast aspersions on the current administration (who are just as much to blame, perhaps Boris should have put his foot down with Carrie and her delusional passion for net-zero) is an insult.

It would have been far more commendable if Gordon Brown had the maturity to stand up and admit that his position on energy was WRONG and encourage support for Nuclear power that could offer the UK so many benefits, including the production of Hydrogen.

Just as motorists are turning to EVs in droves, there is a distinct possibility that in the not too distant future, these motorists will find themselves victims of the near-sighted, virtue-signalling, irresponsible Green agenda!

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