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The Armistice Day Protest MUST be Stopped

The Planned Armistice Day Protest: A Call for Reason and Restraint


The video raises concerns about a planned protest in London on Armistice Day, November 11th, which the narrator believes could dishonour the solemnity of Remembrance Day events. While protests are a legitimate form of free speech, this event risks inflaming tensions. All sides should reflect carefully on how to express their views without violence.


The Right to Protest

Free speech is a cornerstone of democracy. Non-violent protest allows diverse voices to be heard. However, with rights come responsibilities. Thoughtless words can wound communities and incite hatred.

Protesters must recognise the pain their actions may cause. November 11th commemorates those who sacrificed their lives in war. Many see poppies and wreaths as symbols of that sacrifice. Defiling them offends mourners, including veterans, families of the fallen and their communities. A protest perceived as anti-British would disturb them on a solemn day of reflection.

Dangers of Public Disorder

The narrator warns the protest could provoke “an equal reaction” from some members of the public. Angry confrontations between opposing groups must be avoided. Public disorder endangers protesters, bystanders and police officers trying to keep the peace.

While the authorities have a duty to allow peaceful protest, public safety is paramount. If a planned event seems likely to provoke violence, restrictions may be imposed to prevent a breach of the peace. However, excessive limits on protest risk heavy-handedness. The situation calls for nuanced judgements.

Bridging Divides

Behind this controversy lies a complex history of Ireland and the UK. Old wounds run deep. To overcome mutual distrust, both sides must listen to the other’s narrative. Though painful, reflecting on the full legacy of the past is the only way to reconcile.

Most people agree terrorist violence is unjustified. But labelling all Republicans as supporters of terrorism is counter-productive. Dialogue with moderate, democratic Irish nationalists can build common ground. Stereotyping and demonising the other side leads nowhere.

The Need for Inclusive Patriotism

For many British people, Remembrance Day evokes pride in generations who served this country. But patriotism should also encompass those we have disagreed with. Our shared history with Ireland includes moments of unity as well as conflict.

The UK’s diversity is a strength, allowing different identities to coexist. An inclusive patriotism celebrates this, while seeking to right past wrongs. We can honour the fallen, but also acknowledge mistakes made. This nuanced patriotism builds social cohesion.


This protest has prompted strong feelings, but they must be expressed constructively. Though free speech permits protests, the event organisers should reflect on their responsibilities. Restraint and mutual understanding are vital to avoid inflaming tensions. We must find common ground, recognising no community has a monopoly on virtue or victimhood. With care and wisdom, we can nurture the bonds of civility that unite our society.

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