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Vote for Antony Antoniou

Antony Antoniou – Reform UK Northampton North
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
(PPC) 2024 General Election


Antony Antoniou
Why I am Standing

Vote for Antony Antoniou - Why I am Standing

Why I am standing for Northampton North


Having been born and bred in Northampton, I have a passion for the town, and county alike.

Northampton North has always been divided along party lines, that is either one of the ‘duopoly’ who have been in control of parliament for decades, with no other party ever having gained enough votes to ensure the return of their deposit, let alone win a seat and this is a sad indictment of local politics and its effect on Northampton. Against all the odds, I am standing for the Reform party, because Northampton North and our country in general are in serious need of change.

"Courage is knowing what not to fear."

With a long history of helping people in a wide range of matters and keeping busy on a daily basis, dealing with the constant stream of people who contact him for advice on all matters relating to property, I am happy to assist, buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords without prejudice or agenda.

As one individual in Northampton North, my scope to incite change will be limited, but as I fervently believe that those who are best qualified to make decisions for the everyday people, are the everyday people themselves, and I will be working closely with the other candidates in Northamptonshire, in order to be best placed for the battle ahead.

I have always been keen to voice my opinion and raise questions, either in writing on my website, or Social Media. The sheer number of people who contact me with questions and concerns, has indicated to me, that there are many people out there, who through no fault of their own, are suffering extreme anxiety, about their home, the cost of living and their ability to keep warm and feed their families.

What I stand for

Whilst a stand behind the policies of Reform UK, I do have issues that I feel strongly about on a personal level, which I intend to write about individually.

I have been in property for decades, during which I have been at  the ‘Coal-face’ of changes within the property market and the wider economy. I have frequently spoken out about the terrible planning for housing on a national scale, with the resulting years of mismanagement of the housing market being directly responsible for the current housing crisis.

I do intend to have a clear and public position on all these issues, which I intend to be transparent about, however, I begin this journey with the unwavering determination to represent my constituency, and to do my best to improve things in Northampton North, should I be in the privileged position to do so.