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Major Car Tax Changes Set to Impact UK Motorists

Major Car Tax Changes Set to Impact UK Motorists

## Introduction
In a significant development, new car tax changes are on the horizon, poised to affect thousands of motorists across the UK. The HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has recently unveiled plans for a comprehensive overhaul in taxation policies, with a particular focus on double cab pickup trucks.

## Charging Double Cab Pickup Trucks as Company Cars
Commencing from July 1st, 2024, the HMRC will initiate the practice of charging double cab pickup trucks as company cars. This shift is part of a broader initiative to redefine benefit in kind tax rules, potentially leading to substantial price hikes for company car drivers.

## Five-Fold Increase in Personal Tax Bills
Under the revamped rules, individuals purchasing double cab pickup trucks after July 1st, 2024, could face a near five-fold increase in their personal tax bills. HMRC is altering its interpretation of the legislation defining cars and vans for tax purposes, deviating from the definitions used for VAT purposes.

## Impact on Business Users
Previously, any pickup with a payload exceeding 1,000 kg was deemed a commercial vehicle in line with VAT rules. This distinction allowed business users to reclaim tax on their vans and pickup trucks. The new rule, as explained by HMRC, aims to pragmatically address the primary suitability and classification of double cab pickups.

## Massive Changes in Company Car Tax
The UK, known for its substantial number of pickup trucks on the roads due to a favorable VAT system and low benefit in kind taxation rates, will witness substantial changes in company car tax. A 20% taxpayer in England may find themselves paying £291 per month, while a 40% taxpayer could face a monthly bill of £582, marking a significant departure from the current rates.

## Government’s Vehicle Taxation Overhaul
In alignment with the car tax changes, the government has confirmed an increase in tax rates for vehicles from the new financial year in 2024. Cars, vans, and motorcycles will experience rises in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rates, tied to the retail price index, starting April 1st, 2024. Additionally, electric vehicles will be required to pay VED from April 2025, following calls from Chancellor Jeremy Hunt for a fairer taxation system for all drivers.

## Anticipated Addressing of Bik Tax Rates
As the government undertakes these sweeping changes, there are expectations that the upcoming Spring Statement on March 6th will shed light on potential adjustments to bik tax rates, providing further clarity for taxpayers.

## Rule Changes for HGV Drivers
Simultaneously, rule changes for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers are set to take effect this month. Tachographs, instruments recording driving duration, speed, and distance traveled, will require a full smart tachograph 2 or transitional smart tachograph 2 in newly registered vehicles over 3.5 tons and passenger vehicles with 10 or more seats from February 21st, 2024. These smart tachographs enable easier data collection and interconnectivity with apps like smart parking or Pig drive.

## Future Tachograph Rule Changes
Further changes in tachograph rules are anticipated at the end of December, scheduled for August 2025 and July 2026, reflecting the evolving landscape of regulations in the transportation sector.

In Summary

1. **Car Tax Changes from July 1st, 2024:**
– New tax measures by HM Revenue and Customs will impact UK motorists.
– Double cab pickup trucks will be charged as company cars starting July 1st.
– Benefit in kind tax rule changes may lead to significant price hikes for company car drivers.
– Pickup trucks with a payload of over 1,000 kg will no longer be considered commercial vehicles for tax purposes.
– A 20% taxpayer in England could face a five-fold increase, paying £291 per month in company car tax, compared to the current £60 per month.

2. **Government’s Vehicle Taxation Changes:**
– Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rates for cars, vans, and motorcycles will rise from April 1st, 2024.
– Electric vehicles will start paying VED from April 2025.
– Chancellor Jeremy Hunt advocates for a fairer taxation system for all drivers.
– Expectations for potential changes to bik tax rates in the upcoming Spring Statement on March 6th.

3. **HGV Driver Rule Changes:**
– Tachograph rules for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers are changing.
– From February 21st, 2024, smart tachographs must be fitted in newly registered vehicles over 3.5 tons or with 10 or more seats.
– Smart tachographs facilitate easier data collection and can interconnect with apps like smart parking or Pig drive.
– Additional tachograph rule changes are scheduled for August 2025 and July 2026.

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