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The Shocking Reality of Excess Deaths in England

In a December 2022 report published in The Lancet, concerning statistics reveal that England is experiencing an unprecedented rise in excess deaths, especially among young and middle-aged adults. The silence around this data is deafening.

What Are Excess Deaths?

Excess deaths refer to the number of deaths above and beyond what would normally be expected based on historical data. For example, if 3,000 people died per week on average over the past five years, but suddenly 3,500 people are dying per week, those extra 500 deaths would be considered “excess deaths.”

Multiple reputable agencies and statistical analyses all point to the same finding – excess deaths in England in 2022 and early 2023 are substantially higher than normal across every demographic. And excess deaths are rising at an alarming rate compared to pre-pandemic years going back as far as 1940.

Something strange is happening to cause more people to die than experts anticipate, and the elephant in the room is that none of the suspected causes put forth have been properly investigated or explained.

Key Details on the Excess Deaths

The Lancet report highlights several noteworthy data points regarding these unexplained excess deaths in England:

1. The excess deaths are not isolated to the elderly population as might be assumed. Actually, the rise in excess deaths is markedly higher among younger adults aged 25-49 (11% higher than expected) and those aged 50-64 (15% higher).

2. Cardiovascular diseases account for a large share of the excess deaths, with a 12% rise above expectations from all causes. Specifically, heart failure deaths are up 20% and overall cardiovascular conditions make up 47% of the total excess deaths.

3. When you combine age group and cause of death, the statistics become even more striking. Excess deaths from heart conditions for adults aged 50-64 are a shocking 44% higher than normal.

4. Up to 22% more people are dying at home rather than in hospitals or hospices. This suggests many people are unaware of an underlying illness or health crisis brewing inside them.

The Cone of Silence Surrounding Excess Deaths

Despite reporting that comes directly from The Lancet journal and has data solid enough to warrant major headlines, this story is not being picked up by any mainstream media outlets. This cone of silence around the reality of excess deaths likely means an intentional effort is underway to suppress this information.

I have insider experience working for major UK media organizations like the Mail Online, The Sun, Fox News and the BBC that would normally leap at shocking statistics to drive clicks and engagement. Yet there is coordinated silence on this data.

The sheer magnitude of excess deaths, the anomalous age brackets affected, the lack of explanations, and the deliberate media avoidance of this topic all point to an urgent crisis that demands answers.

What Experts and Citizens Must Do Now

Regardless of one’s opinion on COVID vaccines, pandemic response measures, or overall health authority competency, the excess death statistics published in The Lancet must become part of an open and urgent public health conversation.

For experts and health authorities, it is imperative to investigate every potential cause and provide explanations to the public. Even if reasonable answers are found that have nothing to do with vaccines, transparency and proactive information will reassure a population with growing health worries.

Citizens should inform themselves on this data, ask questions, and request more details. Do not allow the cone of silence around excess deaths to enable inaction. Leaders must be held accountable for investigating and reporting on this crisis with urgency and compassion for those looking for life-saving answers.

The responsibility now lies with health authorities and media outlets to engage in honest conversations about post-pandemic excess deaths. United Kingdom residents deserve facts, research, and health guidance instead of secrecy and evasion. Without open and swift action led by data instead of agendas, the tragic rise of excess deaths haunting England may continue unabated.

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