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Humza Yousaf Racist Rant about white people in Scotland

The first minister for Scotland launched what was little more than an attack on white people in the Scottish parliament, complaining that all the key positions are held by white people. Scotland is 96% white, people of other races are basically guests in Scotland, yet rather than be grateful for the opportunity to live there, they are doing little more than increasingly make more and more demands, for over-representation in every aspect of life.

There comes a time, when people need to stop apologising for the way things are done in their own country, by people who have been granted the opportunity to live in this great country, but do nothing more than demand more and more concessions from their host nation. Whether they are first, second or third generation migrants, they are privileged to be here and should act accordingly, rather than continually demand that the host nation makes changes to suit them.

This man should be called our for what he is, a racist who is in a position that he would not be in, if he were white!

Let that sink in!

Full Transcript

In 99% of the meetings I go to, I’m the only non-white person in the room. But why are we so surprised when the most senior positions in Scotland are filled almost exclusively by those who are white? Take my portfolio alone: the Lord President – white, the Lord Justice Clerk – white, every high court judge – white, the Lord Advocate – white, the Lord Advocate General – white, the chief Constable – white, every deputy chief Constable – white, every assistant chief Constable – white, the head of the Law Society – white, the head of the faculty of Advocates – white.


Every prison Governor – white, and not just in Justice, the chief medical officer – white, the chief nursing officer – white, the chief Veterinary officer – white, the chief Social Work advisor – white. Almost every trade Union in this country is headed by people who are white, and the Scottish government’s Director General is white. Every chair of every public body is white. That is not good enough.


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23 days ago

He has just mouthed his resignation…