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Pupils told sex work is rewarding

Pupils told sex work is rewarding


School children are told prostitution is a ‘rewarding job’ by sex education providers who promote ‘kinks’ to pupils including flogging, beating and locking people up in a cage

  • Children were told prostitution is a ‘rewarding job’ by sex education providers 
  • Organisations introduced children to hardcore kinks including being flogged
  • Kids were told to show where they liked to touch themselves by one organisation

School children were told prostitution is a ‘rewarding job’ by sex education providers who promoted wild kinks to pupils.

Organisations brought in to teach kids about sex have introduced children to hardcore kinks including being flogged, caned, locking people up in a cage and being slapped in the face, The Times reported.

Children were even told to show where they liked to touch themselves by one organisation.

Private contractor Bish (Best in Sexual Health) is written by Justin Hancock and charges £500 a day to deliver sex education sessions at secondary schools.

His website advises a 14-year-old girl in a relationship with a 16-year-old boy that her ‘risks of pregnancy are very, very low’ even if her boyfriend relies on pulling out rather than using a condom.

Mr Hancock did not tell her the relationship was illegal but instead suggested using lube during anal sex.

The ‘sex and relationships educator’ also told someone on his site that prostitution could be ‘rewarding’. He suggested if this was not the case for a sex worker, they could ‘get better clients’.

Writing about masturbation Bish suggested children could practice on plasticine models of their genitals to understand how to touch themselves, a move the Safe Schools Alliance told The Times was ‘sexual abuse’.




If ever there were a time where we were clearly entering Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ it is now. This must be the most blatant act of mass perversion in recent history. Children are being systematically abused, psychologically as well as physically. We need only look at social media to see the that there is so much pressure on them to be sexual from a young age.

Mr Hancock suggested using lube during anal sex……..REALLY?

This is advice being given to fourteen year olds, probably even younger than that. If this is not moral perversion, then I don’t know what is. We are in a climate of moral bankruptcy, these people are taking the innocence away from children, they are making pornography available to them, they are manipulating young minds for their own hideous agenda.


Whilst there is nothing wrong with consenting adults watching erotic content, that is an entirely different scenario from young people being raised on it. Let’s start from the very basics of adolescent experience. Many of us remember being young and being young and experiencing the nervousness of our first kiss, our first fumble, our first intimate encounter. Today, the vast majority of children have watched porn by the age of 12, this is not young boys looking at naked photos of women in a magazine and giggling, or even getting excited, this is subconscious programming, it is not just inappropriate, it is actually damaging young minds permanently.

One of the most common sexual issues of the modern day is Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction, what is this?

Men who watch porn too frequently are finding that their minds are being re-programmed, to the point where they are actually struggling with an erection in real life situations, because they are finding that they are only aroused by porn, but with the ability to scroll backwards and forwards, in a very complicated way, they become addicted to certain scenes, certain sections of what they watch and the entire process of ‘excitement by anticipation’ become damaged.

In adult males, there is something called a ‘sexual reset’ which is based on abstinence from sex and porn for weeks or even months. This is not easy, as the addiction to porn doesn’t go away, the temptation is there every single day, but with time, the sexual chemistry in the brain can reset back to normal, when it becomes possible to engage in a normal sexual relationship.

However, with the young, things are not so straightforward, the evidence suggests that the subconscious programming to young minds by porn cannot be reset so easily, in many cases the effect on young developing minds can become permanent. It is natural for developing minds to experience confusion as they grow in to adults, maybe they have doubts about their sexuality, maybe they have other issues, this is all part of growing up, but the toxic effect of porn is causing permanent damage. This also raises questions about young people being subjected to influence about sexuality, gender and many other modern day liberal, woke agendas.

Further information on this topic HERE


In my opinion, any from of pre-meditated influence imposed on young people is abuse, or at the very least, grooming. As a society, how far are we prepared to allow these people to go? When are we going to say, enough is enough?

The question of when a child is no longer a child may be open to interpretation in many people’s minds, however despite their physical maturity, the current laws in the UK are probably spot on. For those who are not aware, the age of consent may be 16, but not in all circumstances, where an adult is in a position of care, Foster care, Teacher etc. it is actually 18, there is a genuine and valid reason for this. In fact, there are countries that have adjusted their minimum age of consent to take in to account ‘those of a similar age’ which is to protect boys of a similar age, but this could be seen as a reduction in the age of consent by stealth. It would be far more beneficial to address any confusion between the ages of 16 to 18, by keeping the minimum age of consent, but enforcing ‘similar age legislation’ to those between 16 and 18, to protect teenagers from older predators, perhaps implementing a limit of 4/5 years older, but definitely the age of consent must not be reduced nor should there be anything other than factual information presented by those in a position of trust.

The interaction between teenagers is one thing, but that is not the same as the influence of an adult, that is not a natural or moral situation. This vile agenda of those in a position of responsibility should not be allowed to continue without objection en-mass from anyone who still has a shred of morality left, despite the blatant demonic rhetoric from those who seek little more than the destruction of civilised society with malice aforethought.




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