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Vote for Antony Antoniou

Antony Antoniou – Reform UK Northampton North
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
(PPC) 2024 General Election


Rishi Sunak calls the election

Maybe he jumped, before he was pushed, but after 14 years of badly executed knee-jerk politics, Rishi Sunak has finally thrown in the towel. The narrative is that it won’t get better than it is now, which is in itself very worrying, but also, there have been serious rumblings of toppling the leader who has overseen more people arrive in this country in the last few years, than from 1066 until 2010!


What is the legacy that has been left for us after 14 years of a conservative government?

Their legacy can be demonstrated with a number, and that number is 70

The highest taxes for 70 years

The Highest spending for 70 years

The longest waiting lists for 70 years

The highest debt for 70 years

The worst decade for growth for 70 years

The longest uninterrupted recession per-capita for 70 years.

In 2010, David Cameron promised to get immigration down to the tens of thousands, he lied

Theresa May promised to reduce immigration, she lied. In fact, she committed the UK up to the UN compact on CONTINUED AND SUSTAINED immigration, which was signed in December 2019, committing the UK to mass unstainable immigration.

Boris Johnson also promised to reduce immigration, he lied too and then we had Rishi Sunak, placed in power by his globalist friends, who wanted him to further sabotage the will of the people.

Under his watch, we have been made fools of with his ridiculous Rwanda plan, which has a cost of £370m, we have sent them money, 3 ministers and 1 migrant, and he was actually paid to go, but in the meantime, more than 2.5 million people have arrived in this country under his watch, and that is just legal migration!

Now we have a choice, more of the same, or we could entrust Labour to take the helm, with no plan, no respect for our country, our borders or the will of the people, if you think it has been bad so far, take a minute to imagine a Britain with the floodgates opened by Labour.

The British public did not vote for this, they did not want this, nor are they happy with this.

For those of you who don’t mind people arriving here and jumping the queue to housing, education, healthcare and every avenue of our infrastructure, I ask you to think again, whilst those of you who object are not only silenced for objecting, you risk persecution and even prosecution, this is just the beginning.

If you want change, you must vote for change, before it is too late.



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