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Antony Antoniou – Reform UK Northampton North
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(PPC) 2024 General Election


Let’s talk about Climate Change!

What exactly does it mean to be a supporter of the ‘political climate emergency’

Why do I use the term political? It is because what is being seen to be done, or rather the manner in which the climate is being exploited for political and financial gain, is not the same as what really needs to be done.

In recent years, we have had to endure crippling Green levies on our fuel and our energy. Hard working people struggling to keep warm, because the cost is prohibitive, but where is all that money going?


Net Zero costs the UK a total of £30bn, with £10bn alone, being used for subsidies, money given to businesses for projects considered to be Green, broadly deciphered, that means that people are making millions whilst you live in fear of turning your heating on.

Is this actually helping the environment, or is this little more than outwardly virtue signalling and privately exploiting climate change for financial benefit?

Emissions in the UK and Europe as a whole, have been decreasing for years, and provided that there is a clear directive it will continue to do so, and whilst this is important, it is NOT the immediate emergency, China increases it’s output of emissions by more than the entire total of the UK every month, if not more, they have over 800 coal fired power stations on the way, with India not far behind. In fact, China has polluted more in the last 5 years, than the UK has since the industrial revolution……..let that sink in.

What constitutes a greater demand for action, hundreds of coal-fired power stations, with numbers increasing every month, or reducing one of the lowest emissions in the western world by little more than a slither?

Does extorting £30bn from the UK economy every year, to make those exploiting climate change rich change the weather?

Does forcing those who cannot afford to buy a new car to pay £17.50 per day to drive into London, whilst those who can afford to pay, are permitted to pollute as much as they wish actually change the weather?

Do wind turbines run on wind, or do they run on subsidies…………….for the answer, follow the money!

We are losing thousands of acres of farmland to Solar farms and wind turbines, millions of trees being chopped down, but apparently, if we object, we are ignorant and we must follow the science, well I have done and every scientist worth their salt agrees, that the way to cool the planet down, is to PLANT TREES NOT CHOP THEM DOWN!

Isn’t it strange that when it comes to this topic, scientists are so petrified of being cancelled, that they refuse to speak up? I can name one in particular, his name was David Bellamy, remember him?

There was a photo released a few years ago, of a Polar Bear on a small block of ice, with the message that the Bear’s environment was melting, but David Bellamy correctly responded to say that Polar Bears actively seek small blocks of ice, because they can reach the water on all sides to catch fish……this did not go down well with the narrative and David Bellamy was cancelled and has never been heard from on msm since.

Any contradiction to the narrative is met with climate denier and climate delayer….especially by the likes of Ed Miliband who has serious plans to make you pay dearly! Here is a man, who is a disciple of the corporations, and one who is prepared to destroy our economy, just to earn himself a handsome reward when he leaves politics, like so many before him.

So what is important at this point? What would I do?

I am very passionate about the climate, but I do not support virtue signalling, misinformed taxation and exploitation of the climate to control and punish the masses.

Firstly: We must address what we can do immediately and one of the greatest threats to life on this planet is currently microplastics.

Just last year at Glastonbury, there were thousands of young people there, all angry about the climate, being hosted by a very angry young Swedish girl (who incidentally has made millions out of being angry) but guess what they left behind?

Yes, over one million plastic bottles, the hypocrisy beggar’s belief!

Step 1: Ban plastic bottles for water and soft drinks IMMEDIATELY and when I say immediately, I am talking within weeks or months.

Every public building, every shopping mall, market square, motorway services, railway station, airport and so on to have public water fountains within weeks.

Step 2: Every other product that is sold in plastic to be assessed on a case by case basis until as many consumer products as possible are no longer sold in plastic.

It is an irrefutable fact that this would make a massive difference to the microplastics that are polluting our rivers and oceans and gradually making their way into the food chain.

Step 3: ULEZ, the greatest political scam in decades. Central London is unique of course, with amazing transport facilities and most people don’t mind using it.

I would propose a gradual reduction on long-stay parking within central London, discouraging people from driving into it creating a much more pleasant environment.

For outer London, I would propose the reduction of emissions on a sliding scale, over a decade at least, which would enable people to gradually buy cleaner car as they would normally do. What I do object to, is those who can pay, to pollute as much as they wish, this smacks of Dystopia to me, not climate change.

Step 4: No more farming land to be set aside for solar or wind farms, all new buildings to have solar panels on their roofs, and whilst we lose essential farming land, South Korea has been installing solar panels on the central reservations of their motorways, providing clean energy and doubling as cover for a cycle lane, we cannot afford to lose any more farm land, we need to reach 75% of our food needs or risk starvation if there is another serious conflict, or is that the idea? I’ll let you decide.

Step 5: We must seriously reconsider the trade we do with the likes of China, when they are choking the planet. This is where reality meets virtue signalling, because those in power do not want this, they are not concerned about cleaner air, they are concerned about Geopolitics and profit.

Who is the climate denier here? You tell me?

I fervently believe that we must take IMMEDIATE ACTION to reduce pollution and emissions, but tangible steps that make sense, not regulation, taxes and control, that is nothing more than an insult to science, the planet and the people.

I want to see sensible steps being taken with immediate effect, steps that make sense and steps that you the people will understand and support, but there again, that would deny the likes of Ed Miliband the opportunity to punish you, exploit you and dictate to you, on the grounds of “climate change” with is premediated misdirection, in order to win favour with his globalist friends who want nothing more than to impost 15 minute cities upon you and turn your localities in to virtual open prisons.

Let’s take steps to save our planet now, let’s do what we know will make a difference, but I do not and never will support the enslavement of the people under the guise of “Climate”

Who really supports the care of our environment……… tell me!


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