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Vote for Antony Antoniou

Antony Antoniou – Reform UK Northampton North
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
(PPC) 2024 General Election



Too many children and young people are being badly let down. Discipline, disruption and violence are huge issues in class. Teachers are drowning in bureaucracy. Woke ideology is spreading through our schools and universities. We want an education system that ensures young people learn the skills, character and values to succeed in life.

Critical reforms needed in the first 100 days:

Ban Transgender Ideology in Primary and Secondary Schools.

There are 2 sexes and 2 genders. It is a dangerous safeguarding issue to confuse children by suggesting otherwise. No gender questioning, social transitioning or pronoun swapping. Inform parents of under 16s about their children’s life decisions. Schools must have single sex facilities.

Ban Critical Race Theory in Primary and Secondary Schools.

It is unacceptable to divide children on grounds of race and teach them to be ashamed of their country.

Tax relief of 20% on all Independent Education.

No VAT on Fees: If parents can afford to pay a bit more, we should incentivise them to choose independent schools. This will significantly ease pressure on state schools, so improve education for all. Independent education capacity will grow rapidly, providing competition and reducing costs.

Scrap Interest on Student Loans.

Extend loan capital repayment periods to 45 years. Restrict undergraduate numbers well below current levels, too many courses are simply not good enough and students are being ripped off. Enforce minimum entry standards. Stop backdoor route to immigration through use of low quality degree courses.


Cut Funding to Universities that Undermine Free Speech.

The government’s Free Speech Act is toothless. Allowing political bias or cancel culture must face heavy financial penalties.

Permanent Exclusions for Violent and Disruptive Students.

Double the number of Pupil Referral Units so schools can function safely. Disruptive children must also get support.

Universities Must Provide 2 Year Graduate Courses.

The option of 2 year courses would reduce student debt and allow earlier entry into employment to help pay it off.

Increase Technical Courses and Apprenticeships.

Value young people with vocational talents. Britain needs skilled workers in engineering, construction, IT and high demand sectors.

Life Skills Classes at School.

Subjects such as home economics and social media risk should be part of the school curriculum. No smartphones or social media in schools under 16.

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