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Help me to end homelessness

Help me to end homelessness

I released this video a couple of years ago, after noticing that an industrial unit here in Northampton, was still empty after ten years! Homelessness is increasing dramatically and in this day and age, no matter what anyone has done, no matter what their individual circumstances may be, NOBODY should have no other option but to sleep on the streets.

Throughout Northamptonshire, let alone the rest of the country, there are so many empty buildings, so many empty industrial units, though not ideal, anything is better than sleeping rough. I am not suggesting yet another charity, I want action, I want to see legislation or moral pressure, for the owners of these units to make them available to become emergency night shelters.

I have no doubt, that should this happen, the generosity of the British public will ensure that there will be bedding, a change of clothes, shower facilities and food made available for the homeless. I would also like to see people volunteer to counsel, support and guide these people to help them to re-build their lives.

This is a moral responsibility that is incumbent upon all of us, or should be, because many of us are closer to homelessness than we may realise.

It only needs a gentle push from the government or local authorities to encourage the landlords of these units, who are frequently pension funds, who really do not care less about the property, but these units could be life-savers to those with nowhere to go.

I have recently acquired the Northants Post, not only for business reasons, but to enable me to give exposure to issues such as this at a local level and I intend to take to the streets with my camera to document what is happening. I would be very grateful if a local videographer would offer some time to help me create documentary videos to create awareness and increase pressure for something to be done about this.

If you would like to help or otherwise get involved, please contact me directly.

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