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Labour will impose the greatest assault on property rights in living memory

Labour will impose the greatest assault on property rights in living memory

Labour’s Assault on Property Rights – A Danger to UK Housing and Economy


Hello everyone, today we’ll be discussing Labour’s alarming stance on property rights and how it could have calamitous consequences for homeowners, landlords, the housing market, and the UK economy as a whole.

Labour has taken a radical shift from its traditional positions, with the likes of Jeremy Corbyn calling for seizing empty luxury homes and extending “Right to Buy” to private tenants – essentially forcing landlords to sell at a discount. While Corbyn is no longer leader, the party’s attitude towards property rights remains deeply concerning.


The War on Landlords continues and in a country failing to build enough homes to meet soaring demand, Labour seems intent on waging war against landlords. From banning property sales in the first two years of tenancies to scrapping no-fault evictions – even though landlords have a right to reclaim their properties after agreed rental periods.

Excessive Regulation and Taxes punish Landlords who already face over 170 pieces of legislation, from licensing to deposit protection schemes. The Tories have treated them as punching bags too by restricting tax deductions for finance costs. But Labour plans to go even further with damaging policies.

Rent Controls and Wealth Taxes not ruled out, for example, in Wales, Labour has allowed councils to hike taxes on second homes by 300% or force owners to rent half the year. The London Mayor wants rent controls across the capital. And a Labour wealth tax can’t be ruled out to fund spending pledges.

All these measures will strangle the rental sector, worsen the housing crisis, undermine property rights as a foundation of prosperity, and deal a severe blow to the UK economy.

Closing Thoughts:

While the Tories have been bad for landlords, a Labour government would be utterly calamitous – dismantling the very notion that we truly own our properties. Britain is chipping away at property rights and the rule of law at its peril. This radical assault must be stopped to protect housing, the economy and our freedoms.

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