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Antony Antoniou – Reform UK Northampton North
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Personal Policies Net Zero

Net Zero

Whilst we all wish to see our world become cleaner and cleaner, we must accept that any changes we make in this country have absolutely no impact or worldwide emissions as a whole, so why is this government intent on punishing hard working people, in an effort to pursue a ‘virtue-signalling- agenda?

In recent months, we have been witnessing the increasing anger over the expansion of the ULEZ in London and quite rightly so, this is little more than a cynical cash-grab. How can Kahn justify this? Let’s not forget that this was first implemented by Boris Johnson, this is not about reducing emissions, it is about revenue raising, because by it’s very nature, the system permits those who can afford to pay, to pollute as much as they wish.

Would it not have been far more effective and widely supported, if a limit on emissions were imposed? What if vehicles with an emission exceeding 300g were banned and what if that limit were reduced on a sliding scale over a decade? Who would have objected to that? Manufacturers taking steps to meet the targets, existing vehicles gradually removed through natural wastage and the additional benefit of preventing the ‘summer playboys’ form flying their supercars over in the summer and hogging the roads of London.

This graph details the average end-user cost per kw/h to the UK public. France has been basically shielded due to it’s self sufficiency thanks to Nuclear energy, the USA is basically non-dependant on energy, in Germany and Spain, it is highly subsidised, yet the British public are being penalised, due to Green Levies, imposed by  politicians who are only concerned with something to boast about at dinner parties.

There have been great advances made in recent years, and although a large part of our energy does indeed come from renewables, although their indirect impact on the environment and certainly the damage to the aesthetics of our countryside, it is accepted that they cannot be relied upon, to replace other forms of energy. When the wind did not blow in Germany for months and months, it actually caused a localised energy crisis, because in their hast to move to renewables, they did not factor for the unreliability of the wind and the sun.

Rolls Royce are producing small modular nuclear reactors that are not only small and discreet, therefore easily disguised as a building, but the cost of construction, placement and management is a fraction of a traditional nuclear power station, yet each one could easily power a city. It was lack of foresight twenty or thirty years ago that has led to our current dependency on other nations and fossil fuels for our energy, a price that is paid but everyday people once again.

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