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New Car Software Enables Government Tracking Without Consent

New Car Software Enables Government Tracking Without Consent

Shocking Discovery – Geo-Fencing and Geo-Timing!

A disturbing revelation has come to light regarding the latest software updates for certain car models. An owner of a Hyundai Kona EV has reported that after his vehicle received a routine software upgrade from the dealer, he discovered buried in the lengthy terms and conditions that it now had “geo-fencing and geo-timing capabilities” installed.

What does this mean? Geo-fencing allows the ability to set geographic boundaries beyond which the vehicle cannot be driven. Geo-timing adds the ability to restrict the car’s use based on set time periods. Essentially, this software grants the vehicle manufacturer and potentially government authorities the ability to remotely control where and when you can operate your own vehicle.


The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was alarmed to find the update had been installed without his informed consent. When he raised objections, the dealer claimed to be unaware of these capabilities. Further inquiries revealed this geo-tracking tech is being rolled out across multiple car brands, all using the same platform software.

The sobering implication is that any modern vehicle could already have the necessary hardware to enable full autonomous control and monitoring, even if that functionality is currently dormant. As the owner notes, “I did lots of research including with some high-tech crash repairers who said some everyday cars are already fully autonomous, just not switched on.”

While the purported justification is that such tracking would only be “required by law,” the potential for misuse is deeply concerning. One could envision scenarios like immobilizing vehicles during climate lockdowns, enforcing curfews, or restricting travel altogether under the guise of emissions reduction efforts.

The car owner’s advice?

“Check the terms and conditions and see if they have it, and if not, suggest it to the dealer with notice not to install it. And if they do so, it means full refund of the car price. Get them to sign it.” With government overreach escalating, scrutinising anything that compromises your freedom of movement is prudent. Your vehicle could be the next privacy battleground.

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