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Vote for Antony Antoniou

Antony Antoniou – Reform UK Northampton North
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
(PPC) 2024 General Election

Our contract with the people

Our contract with the people

Britain needs Reform and Reform needs you.

 Britain has so much potential. Our country is full of talent and energy. Brexit is the opportunity of a lifetime. Yet the challenges we face are vast. Both Labour and Tory governments have broken promise after promise. They have destroyed trust in our democracy and let down the British people.

Our country is worse off, both financially and culturally. The economy isn’t growing. It is being wrecked by record taxes, wasteful government spending and nanny state regulations. Record mass immigration has damaged our country. The small boats crisis threatens our security. Brexit has been betrayed.

Multiculturalism has imported separate communities that reject our way of life. ‘Woke’ ideology has captured our public institutions.

Britain has a housing crisis. Record NHS waiting lists. A benefits crisis. Record crime. Net Zero is making us poorer and colder, damaging British industry and forcing motorists off the road.

The Tories have Broken Britain. Labour will bankrupt Britain. A vote for either is a vote for more incompetence, dishonesty and defeat. The two-party system has failed.

The United Kingdom therefore faces an urgent existential threat. Whilst people worry about how to define a woman, our leaders have allowed a border to be imposed between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, leaving our Northern Irish kin still tied into the EU.

There is an alternative. The British people have a real common sense choice in Reform UK. This is a serious plan to reshape the way our country is organised and run.

Only Reform will stand up for British culture, identity and values. We will restore trust in our democracy. Repair our broken public services. Cut taxes to make work pay. Slash government waste and red tape. Maximise Britain’s vast energy treasure of oil and gas, to reduce the cost of energy, beat the cost of living crisis and help unleash real economic growth.

Once and for all, we will take back control over our borders, our money and our laws. Reform UK will secure Britain’s future as a free, proud and independent sovereign nation.

Read our Contract with You to find out how.

This proposed contract is deliberately issued as a working draft. We welcome your comments, challenges and queries. The contract will be finalised later in the year. This is what happens in business, and the nation should be

run like a lean, efficient business with motivated employees and happy customers.

Please email comments to:

Our Contract is not just another party manifesto. It sets out the reforms that Britain needs in the first 100 days following a general election, and thereafter. It has been produced with advice from a range of independent economists, think tanks and advisers on savings and costings.

Costings can be found at the end of each policy section. Some policy areas come with net costs and others with net savings. There are also extra growth assumptions from our economic reforms. Final annualised budget calculations across a 5 year term of government can be found at the end of this Contract.

We are impatient for change. We are doers and achievers. Our Contract with You would be delivered by people with a real track record of success.

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