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Sunak has lied about Rwanda

Have We Been Misled Over Channel Migrants?

Rwanda policy branded a disaster as leaked documents expose truth

The situation regarding Channel migrants crossing from France seems to go from bad to worse. Hot on the heels of revelations that a refugee from Afghanistan who was granted asylum here turned out to be a Russian spy, further damaging details have emerged.

Home Secretary Accused of Deception

Nigel Farage has accused Home Secretary Rishi Sunak of willfully deceiving the nation over his policy to deport illegal migrants to Rwanda. Farage exclusively revealed on his GB News show that despite Sunak’s tough rhetoric, migrants can still delay removal for 180 days. The backlog waiting to enter the system could reach 150,000 by 2026.

When announcing the Rwanda policy in March 2022, Sunak stood behind a podium with the slogan “Stop the Boats” and claimed anyone crossing the Channel illegally would not be able to claim asylum and would face rapid deportation. However, leaked Home Office documents show this is untrue. Migrants can lodge appeals lasting up to 180 days, and detention facilities only have capacity for 1,000 people, mostly serious foreign criminals already in the system.

Farage declares: “Literally at the moment he was making his promises, he was being told none of this is going to work.” He adds, “You can do lots of things with the British public but you can’t lie to them,” arguing Sunak will not be forgiven come the next election.

Only 500 Set for Rwanda This Year

A Home Office spokesperson disputes the leaked papers, stating both governments always made clear the Rwanda scheme would build capacity over time. But Farage highlights the documents show only 500 illegal arrivals were ever going to be deported to Rwanda this year.

At PMQs this week, Sunak still referenced the Rwanda policy. Farage is adamant: “Not a single plane will go to Rwanda between now and the next general election.”

Is Immigration Straining Public Services?

Scenes of chaos at an NHS dentist in Bristol have highlighted strains on services. Tory MPs argue migration to Britain has exacerbated such problems. Questioned about difficulties accessing dental care, a representative of the dental profession denied population growth fuelled by immigration was a factor.

Farage is scathing, stating senior figures in positions of authority are in “total denial” about the impacts of uncontrolled immigration. He believes population growth since Blair’s premiership is damaging quality of life when it comes to healthcare, school places and housing availability. Until this issue is acknowledged, public services will continue to deteriorate.

Time to Talk About Immigration Impacts

In conclusion, it seems the government has been less than transparent about the likely effectiveness of its Rwanda scheme. Public services like healthcare and housing are clearly under strain from rapid population growth not matched by infrastructure investment. As Farage notes, denying immigration is a major contributor does not help find solutions. There needs to be an open debate on how to alleviate pressures caused by immigration, while still welcoming those genuinely seeking asylum. Voters do not take kindly to being misled. Sunak would be wise to level with the public about the complexities involved.

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