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We need to stand and reclaim Democracy

The Dangers of Allowing Division and Exploiting Differences

The United Kingdom has always been a diverse nation, with people from various backgrounds, races, religions and creeds living together. For the most part, we have coexisted peacefully and seen ourselves as one people – British. However, there are some dangerous trends emerging that threaten to divide us and set us against each other.

In one of my previous videos discussing immigration, I emphasized that I do not wish my words to be misunderstood or misrepresented. The last thing I want is for people of different backgrounds to watch me nervously, wondering if I am spreading division, racism, fascism or anything of the sort. For those who know me from my other channel about property, you’ll know I always try to tell the truth in an industry filled with lies. No matter your background, where you’re from or what your race or creed, I will go above and beyond to help if you reach out. I hold contempt towards the elitist big corporations who are successfully dividing people for their own benefit, manipulating the nation and the Western world.

A few weeks ago I used the term “woke warriors” and faced a barrage of abuse in messages, emails and more. This is because I won’t tolerate the virtue signaling hypocrites who create division where there is none. They highlight and exaggerate non-existent divides so they can appear more virtuous and boast at dinner parties. This is far more dangerous than we realize – entire nations have allowed social divisions to be exploited, resulting not just in civil unrest but war.

Cyprus is a perfect example. Divisions were created when it was under British rule, dividing people into “Turkish Cypriots” and “Greek Cypriots” who are actually the same race. This was clear before DNA testing because Cyprus has the highest rate of thalassemia in the world, with 51% of Cypriots carrying the genetic trait. Almost non-existent in the UK, it affects iron levels but is usually harmless. However, if two carriers have children, they risk passing on thalassemia major which requires monthly blood transfusions to live. This was before DNA confirmed all Cypriots share a gene pool, yet small divisions were exploited until they turned on each other, dividing the island.

I don’t suggest this will happen in the UK, but we must be vigilant against political forces creating and exploiting divisions – it’s very dangerous. What can we do? I previously announced I will stand in the next election for Northampton North. It’s an impossible task – no independent has ever won or even recovered their deposit. But I won’t let that stop me. I don’t expect to win, but want to inspire others around the country where independents have a chance.

We’re conditioned to think MPs must be from elite schools and participate in disturbing rituals. This is false – they are the least qualified to represent us. The most qualified come from real life – cab drivers, hairdressers, single parents. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, stand up and make a difference. I don’t suggest an army of independents will govern, but we can win enough seats to force change and stop the exploitation and madness of the arrogant, traitorous mainstream parties.

Do not allow them to divide you. They are rats from different sewers. No matter who you elect, they will answer to party whips, not you. How many wanted their MP to invade Iraq? Probably none, yet MPs voted for it. I will publish their names in a Wall of Shame. As an independent, your beliefs don’t matter – it’s good we disagree, that’s democracy. We must take back our country and implement true democracy.

In summary:

– People from diverse backgrounds have mostly coexisted peacefully in the UK, seeing ourselves as one people. But dangerous trends threaten to divide us against each other.

– I do not wish to spread division or racism. I want to bring people together.

– Elitist corporations are exploiting and manipulating divisions in society for their own gain. This is incredibly dangerous, as history shows.

– Cyprus is an example of where divisions were created and exploited, leading to civil war and a divided nation.

– We must be vigilant against political forces exaggerating differences when the reality is we have much in common.

– I will stand in the next election, even though I won’t win, to inspire a movement of independent candidates throughout the country.

– Real people with real life experience should stand, not just elite party cronies.

– We need enough independents to hold the balance of power and force change, stopping the madness of mainstream parties who divide and exploit.

– Do not let them divide us against each other. We need to take back our democracy.

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