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Angela Rayner and the uncrossing of her legs

She may have crossed her legs but did not button her lips


The Daily Mail Reported:

Within hours of our report about Angela Rayner being published, the Left’s Twitter warriors were in battle mode on social media.

Even though Ms Rayner was herself the original architect of the ‘Basic Instinct’ references, The Mail on Sunday was accused of sexism simply for reporting what she had told Tory MPs.

In an incendiary Twitter thread, Labour’s Deputy Leader sent her supporters on social media into paroxysms of indignation by declaring that ‘Boris Johnson’s cheerleaders have resorted to spreading desperate, perverted smears in their doomed attempts to save his skin’.

Ms Rayner – who used a crude colloquialism when joking with MPs about ‘Sharon Stone’ moments in the Commons – thanked her supporters for ‘making a stand in the name of decency against those who would further coarsen, cheapen and debase our politics’


If this is true, it is another clear and unforgivable toxic ploy by the left to use anything that may strike fear in to those attempting to comply with the ludicrous extremes of the modern ‘victim culture’

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but it seems that British politics is now obsessed on throwing mud, rather than constructive policy debate. The nation is in serious need of quality leadership, that is not simply in the hands of the Prime Minister, who has succeeded, despite a few hiccups, to keep the nation on-track.

He has successfully navigated through Brexit, which had an opposition funded at the highest level, in order to keep the UK in line with the wishes of the globalists, then he had to deal with Covid, which was fraught with scaremongering, but despite that, he demonstrated that he was not going to exploit it to turn the country in to a police state, like many others. We hardly had time to get back to normal and the whole world is reeling from shortages caused by two years of stagnation through the pandemic, followed by a rapid bounce-back, that has left the world short on supplies, for just about everything, pushing prices through the roof. On top of that, there is the war in Ukraine, which has once again been led by the only true statesman in the current climate, which is Boris.

The EU behaved disgracefully and still are, with Germany deciding to capitulate to Putin’s demand for payment in Roubles, the USA is being led by a ‘Sleepy Joe’ who doesn’t even know what day of the week it is, but thanks to Boris being decisive and supporting Ukraine, they have not only managed to keep Russia at bay, but even pushed them back, an amazing and unexpected result so far, this would not have been possible, if Boris had not supported and supplied them with British high-tech armaments.

Yet what do we have in the houses of Parliament?

Kier Starmer posturing with his ‘holier than though’ attitude, which is turning out to be little more than blatant hypocrisy and now, we have the ‘Ginger victim’ who has a mouth like the Mersey tunnel, actually creating a drama that she exposed and more than likely actually fabricated the week before the next round of local elections.

This must not be allowed to be dismissed, this is a calculated person ‘crying Wolf’ with her ‘Basic-Instinct ploy’ in the most cynical manner.



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Colin Emerson
Colin Emerson
2 years ago

Sharon Stone in the making!