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EU may follow in the footsteps of UK migration laws

EU may follow in the footsteps of UK migration laws

Tide Turns on Migration: Britain Celebrates Wins While EU Plays Catch-Up

A Triumphant Week for the UK

The UK has enjoyed a series of little victories, that may well be the start of a major political shift, not only here, but throughout Europe. firstly Hamza Yousaf has resigned as First Minister and as leader of the SNP, ending years of toxic politics and setting Scotland free. The EU has announced its intention to introduce their own version of the Rwanda plan, which would involve deporting illegal immigrants to non-EU third countries for processing, in an effort to head-off the growing far right and following protest from Ireland for the UK to take back illegal immigrants from Ireland was refused, all hailed as political triumphs.


Irish Migrant Crisis Escalates

The situation in Ireland took centre stage, with the High Court declaring Britain an ‘unsafe country’, preventing the return of illegal immigrants over fears they could be sent to Rwanda. This led to a surge of migrant hotels across Ireland, much to the dismay of its citizens. This is when woke can go broke, because the immigration-osbessed Irish administration are now facing  a serious backlash from the people of Ireland, who are quite rightly, at the end of their tether, after being bullied in to silence whilst they are being slowly replaced.

Calls grew for Ireland to regain its ability to deport illegal immigrants to the UK. However, the British government firmly rejected these pleas, stating that post-Brexit, the UK must deal with the EU as a whole entity on such matters.

Irish Backlash Intensifies

As the crisis deepened, former Taoiseach Leo Varadkar faced public anger over his ‘soft touch’ on illegal immigration, with reports of people shouting expletives at him on the street. Even UFC star Conor McGregor advocated a ‘military fightback’, referring to those in power as ‘human worms’.

Christys proposed flooding hotels along the Irish border with illegal immigrants, allowing them to cross into the Republic of Ireland as a lesson to Irish politicians.

EU’s U-Turn on Asylum Policy

In a stunning reversal, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s own party backed a ‘Rwanda-style plan’ to deport asylum seekers to third countries. This move came after von der Leyen had previously espoused values of inclusion and tolerance, painting a vision of Europe as ‘a union where it doesn’t matter what you look like, who you love, how you pray and where you were born.’

The turning point seemed to be a rally by ‘rabid Islamists’ in Hamburg, calling for an Islamic caliphate in Europe.

Labour’s Potential U-Turn on Rwanda Plan

With the EU’s policy shift and early signs that the UK’s Rwanda plan may be curbing small boat crossings, Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer could face pressure to backtrack on his opposition to the scheme. Starmer had vowed to reverse the policy, describing it as ‘hugely expensive’ and dealing with only a ‘tiny number’.

“What if the entire European Union starts doing it? He’s been completely shafted by this.”

It remains to be seen how the migration landscape will further evolve, but this week’s events marked a significant victory in their ongoing battle.

Is it all beginning to fall apart?

The EU in dire straits, with Schengen all but abandoned as European nations begin to enforce borders as the people of Europe are sick to death of taking second place to immigrants. Since the UK left the EU, the economical status of the EU has plummeted, in 2017 it represented 22% of global trade, but by last year it was less than 15% and on target to fall below 10% by the end of this decade.

In a twist of political fate, the ECHR has now declared the UK an unsafe country, because there is the risk of migrants being deported to Rwanda and this has frustrated Ireland, but in parallel, the EU is also at loggerheads with the ECHR over their plans to process illegal migrants in a third country.

In the meantime, the loud and very vocal remainers have began to slowly withdraw as their delusional vision of a Utopian Europe is rapidly deteriorating into a Marxist mess.

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