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Immigration – Reply to your comments


I’d like to respond to some of the comments you have made on my video about immigration. I’m hoping by this point that it is clear that I’m not directing my attention at any person or persons, on the contrary overall I’m actually defending migrants and quite concerned about the effect that the media portrayal of what’s happening is having on people within this country myself included, because as someone who was born here, but to foreign parents, I find the prospect that over the next decade or two, as I enter old age if not already there, I do so in a climate where everybody is angry with everyone and there’s so much hostility.
I’m beginning to feel that this is deeply misplaced and our attention should actually be focused on those who are making this happen, so here’s some of your comments and I’d like to respond to:

First one was that this appeared or was highlighted in order to win Brexit votes.

Yes of course that did happen, but bear in mind that issues with the EU go back decades not just not just to 2016. it is a fact that Margaret
Thatcher and Edward Heath lied to the nation when they took us into the so-called Common Market, they knew very well what the agenda was, but they admitted that they kept the intention of ever closer union from the British public,  the British public did not subsequently vote on the Maastricht treaty, the Lisbon treaty, or anything else that happened, but yes of course there was an element, large or small who did use immigration in order to argue for brexit, but then on the contrary there was people on the remainer side who also exploited certain issues to make their arguments, but yes of course I will concede that but I don’t see that as being the the root cause of where we are now.

UK slave wage began with immigration

That to a point again I will agree with. In 2004 when there was the last major enlargement of the EU that’s when we saw a massive influx of people from Poland, Romania, Latvia and Lithuania Etc. I know people who were on minimum wage at the time who suddenly were plunged below the poverty line because there were many people on minimum wage who relied on their overtime at a slightly higher rate to make up their salary, to take it from what was not really a living wage into one that was closer to a living wage if not if still not adequate the minute the EU enlarged all of these people suddenly lost their overtime, the big corporations didn’t literally dismiss people on mass but what they did
indirectly is they stopped offering people over time which I think they were powerless to do anything about, because they had access to a large influx of people who were more than happy to work at minimum wage once again who benefits from a large influx of immigration it is
the corporations because large volumes of immigration make people dispensable they lower the worth of people even those people who are
unskilled who are at the bottom of the pay chain and they’re the ones who did suffer the most so there is an argument and for most people in business the first argument is not just lack of labour, but also lack of cheap labour and that is a very real argument.

People who have been here for generations are now worried:

I agree and I’m one of them, I’m very very concerned that what is happening is being portrayed as an invasion and the degree of anger and
hostility throughout the country is at the highest that I’ve ever known, to a degree that we should all be concerned and it should not be about people who are here living part of our community part of our society but the media are directing our attention at that but once again as I said in my video.

I feel that that is misdirection the government is implementing is on purpose:

Absolutely, I believe this is not about an issue about deportation, it is an issue about borders. Anyone who enters any Sovereign Nation
without a passport is committing a crime, unless they are a genuine Asylum Seekers. Many other countries do not tolerate anybody crossing their borders and their initial response would be to place those who cross their borders under arrest and if those arrested are subsequently
proved to be valid Asylum Seekers, then they are processed accordingly I cannot believe that people can arrive here on dinghies in their thousands over the year and that 50,000 ton naval ships are no match for these dinghies and that they cannot stop them before they reach our shores and enforce a penalty on all of those who are deemed to have arrived here illegally.
Those who have arrived here illegally once again that doesn’t affect genuine Asylum Seekers then realistically if the government were doing its job those people would go to prison no remission no parole no repatriation that would send a strong message but what do they do
they put them all in hotels and one by one they’ll all be released into the community because nobody is being deported. Those of us already here should Unite I believe everyone should Unite whenever any of us turns on each other we are playing directly into the hands of the investigators whoever they may be it is important that we do not allow this toxic anger and hate that is being planted on us on a national scale to poison our hearts and minds, divide us all and make us turn on each other.
it is important for us I believe to focus our attention on those people who were elected under one policy and they then go out to sell out the
very electorate who voted them in and I will cover my thoughts on this in another video.
In part two of my responses to your comments on my video about immigration I needed a separate video to respond to this very relevant comment because I need to actually refer to something that’s happened in the past because it is quite relevant, the comment was soldiers for when there is civil unrest now that may sound quite like a conspiracy theory, but I believe that it’s not, here’s an example to consider:
A few years ago traffic wardens were restructured and they are now civil Enforcement Officers, with far more powers, mobile body cameras on them, they report people for all sorts of offences and they are well on their way to following the Chinese social credits idea, because civil enforcement officers are actually there to be able to be instantly turned into almost the hand of the government on every street corner and a lot of the people who are being taken in to work as civil enforcement officers are people who’ve moved here from abroad who maybe, will be less hesitant to turn on their local neighbours in that event.
I’d also like to point out something that actually happened in the past and it may seem more relevant now than ever, the reason I could point to this is through family, my parents and everybody else I know.
In 1955 in Cyprus, there was a  struggle for independence from the British. At the time, the population of Cyprus was predominantly Greek Cypriot with a minority Turkish Cypriots and there were also Maronites and Armenians along with one or two other groups. Once things began to turn really nasty, bearing in mind there was extreme poverty in the island at the time, which got worse through the struggle, whether that was by coincidence or by design, who knows, but what the British actually did at the time was, they began to recruit Turkish
Cypriots to guard any captive Greek Cypriots.
It can be understood at the time that the combination of stick and carrot would have worked, because people were so poor they had to feed their family but that had the effect of causing division and resentment between the two communities. Eventually the British agreed to give
Cyprus Independence and they sat down blessed them to help create the Constitution of Cyprus and in Article 2 of that Constitution they actually specified that within three months every citizen in Cyprus has to decide if they are Greek Cypriot or if they are Turkish Cypriot.
Let’s bear in mind that in 1955 when the struggle began, all the people of Cyprus who were just Cypriots who were fighting for Independence
together, but within five years they were suddenly two communities, with tension between them and it was written in the Constitution which  is still there today, that they had to decide whether they were one Community or another.
The British government in its foreign policy which it implemented in many countries around the world successfully divided the population of Cyprus and for those of you who know what happened, relations deteriorated and deteriorated .and the island is now partitioned. We also know from Trevor Philips, in the documentary called “the things we say about race that are true” he actually admitted now that his policy of diverse communities, actually did more harm than good, because it divided people rather than create a United national identity.
The term national identity is almost a No-No nowadays because anybody who even utters the word national identity is instantly ostracized and in some places even cancelled. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with people who are here wherever they have come from to actually be part of the greater community of being British.  I know that I love it and I’m very, very proud of it to be a part of it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s not something that I feel is enforced on me, it’s something that I am happy to be a part of and I’m very proud of that, so I feel that this division has been put there for a purpose and I do feel that the numbers of people that
are arriving here are arriving because one way or another the government has signalled that there is an Open Door, regardless of their rhetoric and those who come, are people and people are good, bad and ugly, they vary but the media obviously picks on the ones that serve
their purpose to create hysteria, create division and create hate. I believe that we need to respond to this, but we must never react!
Until recently, there was a particular chap, (who will remain un-named) he was head of a right-wing political movement, a real  troublemaker he would actually go to places such as Luton and he would literally be in the face of minorities insulting them to provoke a reaction, now while he was receiving a reaction that was hostile, that was aggressive, it was serving his purpose, because every time any Community reacted with hostility or aggression, it didn’t reflect well on them.
The most effective punishment or course of events rather, for this man was when he was literally given the opportunity to sit down and make his argument in a calm environment on national TV. I believe he appeared on good morning Britain and one or two other places, and he made himself look a complete and utter idiot!
what  can we draw from that?  What I believe we we can draw from this is that  if we simply gag people who are extreme, we are actually playing into their hands, sometimes we need to get these people in a forum where they can speak freely and be questioned on their chain of
thought, because that way their argument falls apart for all to see. It shouldn’t be about hostility and we mustn’t allow this to divide us.
The only way that we will deal with this and make changes would be to play the politicians at their own game. We know it is notoriously difficult in this country for any new party to make headway, because we have a ‘first past the post system’ so of course for a new party to win
power at the moment would be virtually impossible, but individuals do not need to control the whole of parliament to have the controlling hand to be able to force the government to bring them to account for what they are doing.
We saw this in the 2019 election with the Brexit party, where once the conservatives were aware that they stood to lose every marginal seat in the country, they changed their tune, but once they got into power, realistically they sold the country out and now they are doing it to us again.
They have replaced our prime minister without our mandate, and the current prime minister is literally feathering his own nest and the nest of those who he serves. He is not serving the British public.
I have a lot more to say on this, so I’ll be back in another video see you soon.


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