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Partygate – The media misinformation campaign


On the 19th of June 2020, during the first lockdown, Boris Johnson walked in to the garden of No.10 just after 14.00, where he was presented with a Birthday cake, a surprise (definition of surprise defining that Boris Johnson did not know about it) which was allegedly planned by his wife Carrie.

What the are irrefutable facts?

  • Boris and the other members of the cabinet, had every right to be there.
  • All members of the staff at No.10 also had the right to be there.
  • Interior designer, Lulu Lytle, DID NOT have the right to attend.
  • There was no law prohibiting those who work together from giving their colleagues a birthday gift.
  • The terms of the lockdown, DID NOT make any reference to alcohol.
  • Boris was in attendance for a very short while, he did not remain to participate in Karaoke, pass the parcel or to play blind man’s bluff.

These are empirical facts, whatever your opinion about Boris, thus far, he did nothing wrong.

The first reporting was on 30 November 2021 by the Daily Mirror of 10 Downing Street staff gatherings during the 2020 Christmas season. Johnson said rules had been followed, and Downing Street denied that a party took place.

What is a definition of a party?

Official: A social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.
“an engagement party”
Informal: To enjoy oneself at a party or other lively gathering, typically with drinking and music.
“put on your glad rags and party!”

For Boris to have been guilty of anything, would he not have had to be shown that he was willingly planning, contributing or involved in at least planning it? We know for a fact that is not the case, that is not to say that Carrie wasn’t involved, but there again, she is not Prime Minister.

The Media hype.

In the weeks and months following the breaking of this story, we have been subjected to some of the most insulting virtue signalling for a long time. Keir Starmer, reading letters from constituents in a solemn voice, stating how they could not hug their loved ones, before they passed away, whilst those in number 10 were partying.

What we do know, is that apart from walking in to the garden of number 10 on that day, being presented with a cake, then leaving shortly afterwards, Boris did nothing wrong. It was not her, or even other members of the cabinet who were partying, it was the civil servants, working at the cabinet office, who felt, as they frequently do, that they could do as they wish and that they answer to nobody!

It also seems very convenient that someone was in the right place at the right time, to take a photo, which appears to have been taken from number 11.

I have no doubt that Boris was too much of a gentleman to throw his friends, family or even his staff under a bus, so he resorted to taking the line that no offence was committed on that day. I would argue that the only person committing an offence was Lulu Lytle, Carries friend, who had no reason to be there.

There is no doubt that the toxic media were always determined to find any excuse to sink Boris, but did they stop to think what they would be doing to the country? Even now, around half of the Conservative voters would prefer him to remain, with a large portion of the rest, simply acquiescing to the cruel reality, that the media has successfully wounded Boris fatally.

This is at the time of spiralling inflation, a war in Europe, shortages of so many things and issues with Brexit. With no potential leader who could even come close to Boris, what exactly have they accomplished?



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