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Boris Johnsons finest hour

Boris Johnsons finest hour

Today, Wednesday the 20th of July 2022, was a day that will never be forgotten.

Today was the day, when the conservative back-benchers, will surely have sat through PMQs, wondering what they have done, for they have achieved NOTHING!

A great quote that I heard today, was that Labour’s big secret, was their fear of Boris Johnson, they must surely be delighted because….

“The Conservatives have removed ‘A SOMEBODY’ and they are replacing him with ‘A NOBODY’

Never a truer word!

Who in Government has not lied to us? Didn’t Margaret Thatcher lie, when she campaigned to take us in to the ‘Common Market’ she admitted years later, that she could not tell us what the real agenda was, because the British public, would not agree!

She lied and contributed to us entering in to an unelected, unaccountable club, with the agenda of ‘ever closer union’

All the rest of her little battles, were little more than window dressing, an issue that divided an entire nation.

Did Callaghan not lie? John Major? He signed us up to the Maastricht treaty, further tightening the EU noose around our necks, he denied it at the time, but since leaving office, he has revealed his Globalist support.

Did Tony Blair lie, when he started a war in Iraq, in his search for the elusive ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ which on reflection, can be seen as the start of the great migration onslaught that threatens our very society.

Who agreed the UN compact on immigration? A worldwide agreement for ‘sustained immigration’ which actually means that we are now facing continued and increasing immigration.

Do they not lie to us when they give us the figures of the immigrants? They only count the head of the family, so 10 immigrants, could actually be 20, or 30, or 40+

What did Boris actually do? He resisted from actually stating..

“My wife Carrie arranged a surprise cake for me and invited one of her friends”

Who would have done that?

As for Pincher, what would have happened, if he were actually Gay & Black? Would have any Prime Minister even dared to refuse him/her a position, because of an allegation? No!!!

Boris has delivered on everything he promised, to the best of his ability. He did not want tax hikes, he did not want to lock us down, refusing to grasp the opportunity to use Covid as cover, to implement a ‘Police state by stealth’ 

That’s rather different to the bitter, toxic First Minister of Scotland has done, as have certain other countries.

The media which is predominantly left, were always going to smear Boris, why?

Because without Boris, the odds of a Labour Government have just increased.

So here we are ladies & gentlemen, (yes, there are only the two) we are now faced with choosing between a Snake, or the most boring speaker since my Woodwork teacher. In fact, I feel that Liz Truss should be preceded by a warning before she speaks in public…

“Do not operate heavy machinery whilst listening to this woman!”

Boris remained neutral over the last few weeks, he continued to execute his role to the best of his ability and I am in total agreement with him, he leaves with his head held high. Meanwhile, the Conservative party have their heads in their hands, for they know that they have committed political treason, removing the greatest asset since Margaret Thatcher………..who also lied!

“Hasta la vista, baby!”

Boris leaves a legacy of a true statesman.

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1 year ago

Completely agree! This is not democracy, we voted for Boris, we did not want him removed, simply because he eat a piece of a cake, this is ridiculous.

Kurt Morris
Kurt Morris
1 year ago

So true! These people removed Boris without the mandate of the people, then they are able to back whoever they wish, for their own reasons, even if they are voting tactically, with complete anonymity.

No matter what happens, we will not have a leader anywhere near the calibre of Boris, that was not by our choice………Disgraceful.

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
1 year ago

Watching the last PMQs yesterday was almost poetic justice. On the one hand, the conservatives deserve what they are getting, but we don’t, we voted for Boris, not them!

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
1 year ago


Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
1 year ago

We have a right to know who these traitors are!

Colin Adams
Colin Adams
1 year ago

Where is the democracy in this?