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Priti Patel – The Straight Talker on Tax Cuts, Migration, and MP Security

Keeping Expectations in Check

In a recent interview, former Home Secretary Priti Patel offered her insights into the upcoming budget, stating that downplaying expectations is part of the process, primarily due to market-sensitive information involved. She expressed hope for potential surprises despite the gloom and doom in the newspapers, reiterating her consistent belief that the British people deserve more of their own money.

The Tax Burden Dilemma

Patel highlighted the highest tax burden in over 70 years, questioning why the public’s money is not being spent effectively on essential services like schools and hospitals. She acknowledged that higher public spending necessitates higher taxes, a choice every government must make. Recalling her time in the 2010-2015 government, Patel cited her role in reducing the welfare budget by £12 billion, a drop in the ocean compared to current welfare spending.

Cutting the Civil Service Size

Patel supported Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s plan to reduce the size of the Civil Service, which currently stands at over 500,000 employees – a record high. She pointed out that shaving a degree off this figure could save at least £1 billion in public expenditure, referencing the cost savings achieved when the Civil Service stood at around 400,000 employees during her tenure from 2010 to 2016.

The Need for Economic Growth

Emphasising the importance of economic growth, Patel expressed frustration at the lack of ideas presented in the media. She commended the government’s £360 million boost to British manufacturing R&D but stressed the need to assess its impact on job creation, tax base growth, and levelling up across the country.

Positioning for the Future?

Amidst speculation about her political ambitions, Patel firmly stated her desire for the Conservatives to win the next election under Rishi Sunak’s leadership, dismissing any talk of a leadership bid. She expressed her commitment to supporting her colleagues and helping the party succeed at the national level.

The Migration Crisis

Patel expressed disappointment over the ongoing migration crisis, citing the recent tragedy in the Channel. She criticised the government for abandoning her “New Plan for Immigration” and the Rwanda policy, which included building reception centres and implementing a “One-Stop Shop” to prevent repeated appeals by asylum seekers.

The Undisclosed Reality

Patel highlighted the public’s lack of awareness regarding the true extent of the migration crisis, citing the example of 17 hotels in Belfast being commandeered for migrants. She emphasised the open doors around the country, making it impossible to address the housing situation and build the required social housing with the current influx of people.

Reforming Border Force

Patel criticised the damning reports on the Home Office’s border operations, emphasising the need for operational reforms, high standards, and professional and diligent border officers. She expressed regret that her proposal to reform Border Force was scrapped after her departure.

The Rwanda Policy

While acknowledging the complexity of the migration issue, Patel maintained her support for the Rwanda policy, asserting that the government does not need additional legislation to overrule Rule 39 and commence deportations. She highlighted Rwanda’s capability to host over 100,000 migrants and urged the government to start operational planning for flights to the country.

MP Security Concerns

Addressing the issue of MP security, Patel acknowledged the increasing threats and hatred in politics, attributing much of it to social media and “keyboard warriors.” She revealed three attempted assaults on her in the past year and commended Speaker Lindsay Hoyle’s efforts to enhance MP security. Patel expressed concern about MPs’ reluctance to speak freely in Parliament due to fears for their families’ safety.

As a straight talker known for her direct approach, Priti Patel’s candid remarks shed light on pressing issues facing the UK, ranging from economic challenges and migration to the safety of elected officials. Her unwavering stance on implementing tough measures and her criticism of the current government’s handling of these matters have reignited discussions around the country’s future course.

Is Priti Patel preparing for a leadership bid?

Priti Patel has suddenly broke silence and has been very vocal about the Conservative party, yet while she expressed strong support for the Prime Minister, she refused to rule out a leadership bid. Despite the rhetoric, she was home secretary for 3 years under Boris Johnson, yet her actions to prevent mass immigration from spiraling out of control were to say the least, ‘negligible’ in fact, it was on her watch that legal migration exceeded 1 million for the first time.

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