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Rochdale By-Election Controversy Sparks Fears of Electoral Fraud

Surprising Results in Rochdale

The results of the recent Rochdale by-election have sent shockwaves across the nation, with many expressing disbelief at the unexpected outcome. The turnout was a modest 39.7% of the electorate, with a staggering 73.9% of the total votes cast as postal votes. Moreover, an astonishing 95% of these postal votes were in favour of George Galloway, the victorious candidate.

Mainstream Parties’ Vote Collapse

The collapse of the traditional Labour and Conservative vote share has been nothing short of remarkable. These two parties, which collectively secured 82.8% of the vote in the previous election, managed to garner a mere 19.7% this time around. Such a dramatic shift in voter allegiance between elections is highly improbable, leading many to question the legitimacy of the results.

Allegations of Electoral Interference

Suspicions have been raised regarding the potential interference of certain demographic groups in the electoral process. Julia Hartley-Brewer, a prominent commentator, shared two leaflets distributed by the George Galloway campaign, each targeting distinct voter segments. While one leaflet appealed to mainstream British voters with promises of law and order and support for businesses, the other was tailored to a specific demographic comprising 20-25% of the electorate, featuring Arabic phrases and references to Gaza and Palestine.

Postal Vote Irregularities

Perhaps the most alarming allegations surround the postal voting process. Reports have emerged of gangs following postal workers and intimidating residents into handing over their postal votes immediately after delivery. If these claims are substantiated, it would cast serious doubts on the integrity of the postal voting system.

Calls for Immediate Action

In light of these developments, there have been urgent calls for the government to take swift action to address the potential electoral irregularities and safeguard the democratic process. Critics argue that the current administration has allowed the situation to deteriorate to an unacceptable level, and immediate reforms are necessary to restore public confidence in the electoral system.

Implications for Future Elections

The Rochdale by-election has raised crucial questions about the vulnerability of the UK’s electoral process to external influences and potential fraud. As the nation prepares for future elections, it is imperative that these concerns are thoroughly investigated and addressed. Failure to do so could undermine the very foundations of the country’s democratic principles and erode public trust in the integrity of the electoral system.


The political apathy with regards to anything to do with extremism has been to say the least, staggering. It is clear that someone like George Galloway has absolutely no moral compass, no sense of national pride and once again he has demonstrated that he is prepared to go to any lengths to cause disruption within the UK.

As we approach the next general election, we must not be complacent about the political crisis that we are facing, however this is not just an isolated situation, no matter how much we want to be accommodating to other cultures and beliefs, there will invariably come a time when we will need to be decisive about what where we stand on this matter, no matter how much we may be encouraged to make allowances.

This is not a mindset that intends to integrate, of that there is no doubt and whilst there are many people of a certain demographic who have no interest in religious doctrine, there is a strong wave of social and cultural pressure that has resulted in those who are considered ‘moderate’ are gradually becoming radicalised.

Multiculturalism does not work, it has created a disunited kingdom and it will take brave leadership to rectify decades of capitulation to those who are using our freedom against us.

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Claire Bacon
Claire Bacon
2 months ago

Stop postal votes now!

Philip Brown
Philip Brown
2 months ago

Postal votes are a licence to commit election fraud!