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We Were Ignored, Now Everyone Can See The Damage

Sectarianism is vile and repugnant. But thanks to our political elite, we can expect to hear much more of it.

It will be described as a bombshell, but the warning signs have been there for many years. I have long tried to warn people that UK politics was heading in a sectarian direction, but it was too inconvenient for our political and media class to accept my comments.

The New Religion Of Diversity And Multiculturalism

Mass immigration, diversity and multiculturalism have become gods that we are all supposed to bow down to. The difference this time is that this religious sectarian victory is here to stay.

I’ve been openly saying, too, that this new form of sectarianism will lead to the hard-Left Islamist party getting a foothold in Westminster. Again, people chose to ignore me.

Sectarian Politics Can Turn Ugly

As we saw in previous decades in Northern Ireland, sectarian politics can be ugly and violent. And this by-election has been very ugly indeed.

Intimidation At The Polls

Galloway supporters turned Reform UK candidate Simon Danczuk at the only public hustings of the campaign. Worse still, on voting day itself, we saw Galloway supporters openly campaigning at polling stations in direct contravention of the law. The police seemed to just stand by and do nothing.

The Threat To Westminster

In the upcoming British general election, there will be a well-funded campaign that will focus on up to 30 urban constituencies that have large Muslim populations. By 2029, this could really hurt the Labour party, which will serve them right in many ways for an irresponsible immigration policy.

Questions Over Postal Voting

The sharp increase in postal votes which are open to abuse must also be investigated; it is going to make our country more divided than we have ever seen. In the Oldham by-election of 2015, even Left-wing publications described how very few people spoke English and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had low recognition, yet everyone was voting Labour.

We Should Have Seen This Coming

But I digress. We should not be surprised by Galloway’s victory. He has done this before. The Bradford West by-election of 2012 was the first time that I had seen people in England voting purely along sectarian lines.

If you want to look into our political future, just consider the words of Chris Williamson, the deputy leader of Galloway’s ‘Worker’s Party of Britain’. On election night, he told GB News that more children are being killed every day in Gaza than were being killed at Auschwitz. It is vile, it is repugnant. But I’m afraid we can expect to hear much more of it.


– I warned that mass immigration and multiculturalism policies would lead to sectarian politics in the UK, but was ignored

– Sectarian politics can turn ugly and violent, as seen in the Batley and Spen by-election

– Galloway supporters intimidated other candidates and illegally campaigned at polling stations

– There could be a well-funded Islamist political campaign focused on 30 constituencies in the next general election

– There are questions around the sharp rise in postal voting and potential abuse/intimidation

– Galloway has won elections like this before by mobilizing the Muslim vote along sectarian lines

– Statements from Galloway’s party deputy leader comparing Gaza to Auschwitz shows the kind of vile rhetoric we can expect more of

– The rise of sectarian politics and divisions in the UK has long been predictable but was inconvenient for politicians and media to address

– This could seriously damage Labour in the long run for their role enabling this through uncontrolled immigration policies

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