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Scientists unite to end CLIMATE EMERGENCY hysteria

Scientists Unite to Address Climate Concerns with Facts and Reason


In a world filled with climate change debates and fearmongering, a group of 1609 scientists, including two Nobel laureates, has come together to challenge the mainstream narrative. Their declaration boldly states, “There is no climate emergency.” This united effort aims to put an end to the climate hysteria and unfounded fears that have been affecting the U.S. economy. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into their declaration and the key points they’ve raised.

Challenging the Climate Emergency

The declaration signed by these eminent scientists emphasizes that there is no cause for panic and alarm when it comes to the climate. They firmly oppose the often unrealistic net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) policy proposed for 2050. Instead, they advocate for a focus on adaptation rather than mitigation, asserting that adaptation strategies work, regardless of the causes behind climate change.

A Call for Less Politics, More Science

One of the central messages of this declaration is that climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. This means scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in global warming predictions. In parallel, politicians should take a dispassionate look at the real costs and potential benefits of their policy measures.

Understanding Natural Climate Variability

The scientists also remind us of the Earth’s history, where natural cold and warm phases have occurred throughout its existence. The Little Ice Age, which ended as recently as 1850, is a testament to these natural climate fluctuations. They argue that the current period of warming is not as rapid as some models have predicted, and it’s crucial to acknowledge these natural climate variations.

CO2: Not a Pollutant, but Essential for Life

One key point raised in the declaration is that CO2 is not a pollutant; it’s essential for all life on Earth. In fact, higher CO2 levels have been shown to promote plant growth and greening of the planet. This is beneficial not only for nature but also for agriculture, leading to increased crop yields. Trees, for example, absorb and store CO2 while releasing oxygen, making them valuable allies in combatting climate change.

Dispelling Myths About Natural Disasters

Contrary to some claims, the declaration highlights that global warming has not led to an increase in natural disasters. There is no statistical evidence to suggest that hurricanes, floods, droughts, or other natural disasters have become more intense or frequent due to global warming. On the other hand, there is ample evidence that CO2 mitigation measures can be costly and damaging.

Media Distortion and the Truth About Climate Change

The scientists’ concerns extend to the way information about climate change is presented in the media and by politicians. They argue that complex scientific reports often undergo multiple filters before reaching the public, leading to distortions of the actual research findings. This can result in misinformation and misguided policies.


The declaration signed by these scientists challenges the prevailing narrative of a climate emergency and urges a more rational and scientific approach to climate issues. It calls for less fearmongering, more open discussion of uncertainties, and an acknowledgment of the benefits of CO2. In an era of heightened climate anxiety, their message reminds us to critically evaluate the information presented and make informed decisions based on scientific facts.

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