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Shock New Poll Shows Reform UK Overtaking Tories

Labour Storms Ahead as Sunak’s Conservatives Flounder

Stunning new polling data reveals that the Labour party has opened up a mammoth 25-point lead over Rishi Sunak’s flailing Conservatives. The poll, conducted exclusively for GB News, puts Labour on a commanding 45% of the vote, with the Tories languishing far behind on just 20%.

In further bad news for Sunak, the poll shows that Reform UK, led by Richard Tice, has overtaken the Liberal Democrats as the third most popular party, with 12% support. This puts Tice’s insurgent outfit just 7 points behind the Conservatives. Among 2019 Tory voters, a worrying 14% say they would now vote Reform UK.

Sunak Failing to Inspire Confidence or Loyalty

The polling indicates that Sunak has comprehensively failed to assert his authority or inspire confidence since taking office. When asked who they would like to see replace him as Prime Minister, just 8% opted for Nigel Farage, with 7% preferring a return for Boris Johnson. 51% said that they do not favour any of the touted alternatives from within the Conservative party.

This shows that the Tories are sorely lacking credible leadership options to renew public trust. After 14 years of Conservative rule, their brand appears irreparably tarnished.

Plummeting Patriotism Among British Youth

One of the most concerning findings was related to patriotism among the younger generation. When asked if they would voluntarily fight for their country in the event of another World War, just 14% of 18-24 year-olds said yes. This compares to 17% across all age groups.

Generational attitudes towards British identity appear to be rapidly shifting, with younger Brits increasingly disillusioned. The polling points to a lack of clear messaging from politicians about what modern British values are and why they are worth defending.

Public Split on School Prayer Ban

The poll also gauged public reaction towards a controversial decision to ban all prayer groups at an inner-city London school. 38% said they support the headteacher’s stance, while 28% oppose the prohibition of prayer under any circumstances.

This polarising issue taps into much broader debates around integration, multiculturalism, and religious freedom in education. With views sharply divided along partisan lines, it has the potential to become a political flashpoint.

Reform UK Well-Placed to Capitalise on Tory Collapse

Political analyst Matt Goodwin, who oversaw the polling, believes Sunak’s Conservatives are now facing an “enormous hole” where their core support once lay. This creates major opportunities for insurgents like Reform UK.

Goodwin even raises the possibility that Reform could be polling higher than the Tories before the next general election. This opens up the potential for a major realignment on the Right, akin to when the Reform Party displaced Canada’s Conservatives in 1993.

Major Challenges Ahead for Britain

While this exclusive new polling makes grim reading for Rishi Sunak, its wider implications for Britain’s political landscape are even more concerning. Labour appears headed towards a landslide victory come the election, but the weakening of the Conservative establishment risks leaving moderate voters disenfranchised.

With patriotism plummeting among young people, and the country lacking stable, inspiring leadership, Britain faces major challenges ahead in defining its national identity and values for a new generation. Our politicians would do well to take note of this turbulent public mood.

Key Takeaways

* Labour holds a massive 25-point lead over the Conservatives in latest polling
* Just 17% of British people now willing to voluntarily fight for their country
* Patriotism is plummeting fastest among young people aged 18-24
* 51% say they don’t want any touted replacements for PM Sunak
* Reform UK now polling in third place on 12%, just 7 points behind Tories
* Reform well-placed to capitalize on the Tories’ collapse under Sunak’s leadership
* Conservatives face a growing existential crisis and could be overtaken by Reform UK
* Britain lacks stable, inspiring leadership to unify country and define modern British identity
* Labour headed for landslide victory at next election as things stand

The polling indicates growing disillusionment with the political status quo in Britain. With the Conservatives hemorrhaging support and the rise of populist challenger parties, we appear headed for a period of unpredictability and flux in UK politics not seen for a generation.

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