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The increasing threat to women


There have been concerning comments on my videos about immigration and the threat to women from some of the men arriving in this country. I haven’t directly covered this topic before as it relates to immigration, although I have previously discussed domestic violence and the protections available to women.

In this post I want to examine the current situation and the potential risks we face if we don’t address what is happening. My view is that we are seeing a slippery slope towards misogyny on a scale not witnessed in the UK for many years, even decades or centuries. However, hardly anyone is speaking up.


A Brief History of Women’s Rights in the UK

To understand the current risks, it’s important to recognise the long struggle women have faced to gain rights in the UK. On 18th August last year, it was the 140th anniversary of the Married Women’s Property Act 1882. This was a huge milestone, as it was the first time since the Magna Carta that women had any legal rights.

It took several more decades for women to win the right to vote and to vote on equal terms as men. In the 1970s, the Equal Pay Act and Sex Discrimination Act finally brought more equality at work. This shows that equal rights for women in the UK is a relatively recent development.

Despite this progress, not much was made of the 1882 Act anniversary. The media has instead been distracted by debates over pronouns and immigration rather than focusing on women’s rights.

The Arrival of Angry, Entitled Men

In recent weeks, we have seen boatloads of aggressive, arrogant young men arriving in the UK. They have expensive clothes and phones, and demand to be housed in 3-4 star hotels while British homeless sleep on the streets.

These men have been socialised in cultures with very different attitudes towards women. There are already signs that some have no respect for women, based on reports of their behaviour and actions since arriving here.

The Link Between Women’s Rights and Societal Stability

There is an important link between how a society treats women and its moral values. Historically, societies that disrespect women and deny their rights eventually decline or fall.

Before capitulating to those with very different cultural values, we should keep this warning in mind. People’s words and claimed ideals do not always match their behaviours and intentions.

Other Threats to Women’s Safety

Of course, the threats to women’s safety do not only come from immigration. In recent years, the rise of inappropriate online content has also led to more sexual attacks and domestic violence.

There are multiple complex factors behind violence against women. However, a common theme is that it thrives when sexist attitudes are prevalent in society.

Inaction and Offence Over Debate

Currently, there is a reluctance to openly discuss these issues for fear of causing offence or looking insensitive. The media is more concerned about offending Europe than tackling the problems arising from uncontrolled immigration.

This preference for inaction over debate is creating an environment where misogynistic attitudes can spread unchecked. We cannot tackle these threats if we ignore them.


The UK faces a choice about what kind of society it wants to be. Will we import regressive cultural problems and create an international demographic dustbin? Or will we stand up for the equal rights and safety of women that have been hard-won over decades?

To protect these gains, we must be willing to enforce the law against anyone who promotes terrorism, violence or the oppression of women. The question is whether we have the courage to do so.

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