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The loss of Queen Elizabeth II


On the 8th of September 2022, the UK, the Commonwealth and the entire world, lost the longest serving monarch in history. The world has changed so much since Queen Elizabeth III came to the throne, when her father King George VI died on the 6th of February 1952. Queen Elizabeth presided over the dismantling of the British Empire, changing the world for ever.

The British commonwealth was formed by King George V on the 11th December 1931, when Britain and the Dominions agreed that they were all equal members of a community within the British Empire. They all owed allegiance to the British king or queen, but the United Kingdom did not rule over them. This community was called the British Commonwealth of Nations or just the Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth was the epitome of a fair and equal family of nations that collectively formed the Commonwealth. The position of a British monarch is one of great importance, so much so, that no alternative would even come close. We can often take the continuity, the smooth transition of one head of state to another, but we must not forget that this tradition was founded in blood.

The monarchy was not always a neutral head of state, but rather an institution that dictated to the masses, until the English civil war,(1642-1651) when Oliver Cromwell led the ‘Parliamentarians’ (Roundheads) against the Royalists, (Cavaliers) ending with the beheading of Charles I on the 16th January 1649, when Cromwell became protector until his death, which was followed by his son Richard Cromwell, who accepted the ‘Declaration of Breda’ made by King Charles II on the 4th April 1660, where he issued a Royal pardon for all those who recognised him as the official king, it was also accepted that he had been king since the death of his father. Charles II returned from exile, entering London on the 29th May 1660 and was subsequently crowned on the 23rd April 1661.

How is this relevant to the modern monarchy?

The English civil war, was a bloody affair, that ripped our nation apart, but this resulted in a monarchy that accepted the power to rule of the democratically elected parliament, setting the political foundation for the monarchy we know and love.

There has been no other quintessential embodiment of this spirit, than during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. She was always neutral, always guided by her advisers, she was inclusive and never divisive. It would not be wrong to state, that during her reign of over 70 years, she never made a single error in the discharge of her duty, which is no mean feat!

I must admit, that when I was younger, I was not a royalist, on the contrary, I strongly supported the notion of the UK becoming a republic, but over the years, as I have monitored the alternatives, I have come to believe, most fervently that no other political structure would even come close to the monarchy. The continuation, the impartiality, the unity that an impartial and devoted head of state brings our nation, because they are free from the theatre and virtue signalling of politics.

No other nation has a transition of power that is so consistent, professional and warranting the utmost respect. For those who still support a monarchy, I would say, that no matter how any other system were structured, it would still be political, it would still result in candidates tearing each other apart in a public manner, in there determination to claim the top spot, this would be far cry from the system we have in place today.

During her reign, Queen Elizabeth worked tirelessly, ensuring that she was always the regal representation of the United Kingdom around the world. She travelled extensively, circumventing the globe many, many times. She was even able to discharge her duty in meeting Liz Truss, to request that she forms a new government, just two days before her death, she conducted her duty to the last.

The world is full of dark forces, who seek to destroy all that is good, monarchy, democracy and morality. We have all no-doubt heard many different vile accusations that have been made against the monarchy, but much of it is founded by malice and political agenda. Although may may feel aggrieved that the monarchy officially ‘own’ so many palaces, so much land and have so many ancient rights, but these assets are national assets, which remain under the protectorate of the monarchy as part of the state.

What would really happen if there were any alternative?

I have no doubt that many of our beloved palaces would end up being under the ownership of foreign investors, they would not be preserved for posterity, as they transition from national assets to personal and political trophies. There would not be any continuation, with a traditional process that captures the imagination of the entire world, we would simply be reduced to individuals with personal agenda, humiliating themselves and our nation on the world platform.

Our nation retains a tradition that is the envy of the world, I have no doubt that nations who have removed their monarchy in the past, must look upon us with envy, we are so fortunate to be citizens of this great nation.

Are they perfect?

Of course not, is any human perfect? I have no doubt that they have more than a few secrets, but they are not in place to be scrutinised personally. Our monarchy represents our nation to the world and in that respect, Queen Elizabeth was exemplary.

May she rest in peace.


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