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ULEZ is a Scam

ULEZ is a Scam

So the battle over ULEZ continues and despite public opinion, Sadiq Khan is intent on expanding the ULEZ Zone all the way out to the M25, in August of this year this is not about emissions, this is not about clean air, this is about revenue and this guy and the people who support him have been lying, if it were about emissions and clean air, they would not have imposed a ULEZ charge which basically means those who can afford to pollute are free to do so, what they would have done would have been to have banned vehicles with an emission of over say 300g and reduced it year on year on a sliding scale over five or ten years, and because it would have been gradual, because it would have been fair, because manufacturers would have years to prepare and they know what is coming, then by the time the maximum emission is negligible or zero, provisions would already be there, be they EVs, be they some other form of energy for vehicles.

Whatever the case may be this is little more than a tax on the poor, on people who cannot afford a newer car, and I am shocked that the entire borough of Greater London is not up in arms, because this is not how things should be done, this is one man’s mission to enforce his will on millions and millions of people, and it won’t end here.

On a positive note, had he banned the most polluting of vehicles it would also have helped keep those spoiled brats who fly their cars in in the summer and drive around Chelsea like they own the place, from driving around at all because as we know, many of them don’t even pay their fines if their vehicles were completely banned that would be the end of it.

If this expansion to the M25 continues it will be catastrophic, the expansion just out to the North and South circular has already done enough damage and probably one of the most arrogant statements I have heard from Khan over the last year or two was when he said that he was ‘disappointed’ with the revenue from the last expansion out to the North and South circular ,think about it for a minute, he was disappointed that he was not able to extract more money from poor people, that is basically what he was saying, but expanding between the North and South circular out to the end M25 is going to be catastrophic to so many thousands of businesses, on the peripherals of London, it will affect people living miles beyond the M25, who work or shop within the M25, and yet this guy is determined to go ahead.

We must not let this happen! Everybody supports a cleaner environment, cleaner air, but anything can be done if it is done gradually, if car manufacturers knew that the vehicles they produce today would be banned from the roads in major cities within five years, and that motorists will not buy them, they will ensure that next month or next year their vehicles would be cleaner and then cleaner and then cleaner.

Whatever method they use, that’s down to them it shouldn’t be for the government to dictate how you do things, the government should just literally set goals that are logical, along with a time frame and a pathway to those goals so everybody knows where they stand, not just to enforce knee-jerk laws especially when this ULEZ law is not even coming from government, it is coming from a arrogant, power-hungry Mayor, who have has his own personal agenda.

He should not only be stopped, he should be booted out of office, that’s my opinion I feel very strongly about it and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.


Response to Comments


Before I move on to anything else, I feel that I need to reply to one or two of the comments that were made on my video about ULEZ being a scam, namely somebody commented “why don’t you just go and buy a new car?”

I don’t know if this guy was just joking, or if he was really serious, but there are thousands of people out there who can’t afford to buy a newer car, or maybe they don’t want to, why should they?

There are two important phrases that I would point out to you, and I will cover each of them in detail the first one being, ‘moving the goal post’ and the second being ‘legal, political and social precedent’

With regard to moving the goal post, history has taught us that political movement is dynamic, it is never moved to this point, make this change and stop, it is always a direction and any change of direction , which means that politics or the direction of the government or leadership at the time, has changed towards a certain goal, just as when they introduced ULEZ within the inner Central London Zone, we knew that they would expand further, and they now they plan to expand even further.

I went down to London yesterday and I spoke to a few people who live on the peripherals of the M25, on the inner side of the M25 people are worried about the effect on their businesses, on the outside of the M25 people are worried about how they are going to live when it’s going to cost them £12.50 at the current prices, just to cross over onto the other side of the M25, and this is not the end of it!

We allowed this to begin and it will go further and further and further, and less we make our voices heard enough to stop this now!

As far as legal and political precedent goes, many of you may have not noticed the dramatic changes that we have faced over the last few decades. There have been incremental changes, but they are without doubt very, very significant and future history will confirm that the last three or four decades have been a time of political and legal Revolution.

Many of you may remember in the early 90s there was an IRA bomb somewhere on the M1 ,off the M1 wherever it was. John Major was pPM at the time and he immediately stepped in and voiced an intention to end terrorists right to silence, he picked the right moment and the country was behind him, he got that past and everybody thought yes why should terrorists be able to hide behind silence? That’s a different argument, however when we were not looking that changed from terrorist right to silence to criminals right to silence.

If I say the word criminal, perhaps you immediately think of a hoodlum with a knife, or whatever the case is, yes, often that is the case, but it could also be you in an unprovoked scuffle, in town, in a restaurant, or in a public place and you could suddenly be facing a criminal charge even though you are not and never have been a criminal.

How would you like it if you don’t know what to say and you don’t want some bent police officer putting words in your mouth to try and fit you up, is that right?

Let’s go a bit further, not long after that the speed camera appeared all of the people who were safety conscious were in full agreement, because it will protect our children from speeding motorists, how many speeding cameras have you seen planted in front of schools? Zero, because drivers slow down near schools, that is not where they put them, they put them at the end of blind bends, so that they can catch you out because it’s about revenue, but there was a legal precedent with the speed camera that was and is significant and it has been missed and the media has made nothing of this.

With the introduction of the speed camera for the first time since the Magna Carta this country went from innocent till proven guilty to guilty till proven innocent

Since then we have had incremental changes over the last two or three years we have had the public order Bill come in, because you are not allowed to protest, you have to get permission to protest, because the government don’t want you to be able to go out in force and express your disagreement with their corrupt and self-serving incremental legal changes. What have the public done to object to this? Even on something as simple as ULEZ, even though most of you are so angry, we still get people pop up with “why don’t you buy a new car” as I said incremental changes, what if you who made that comment have just bought a £30/40 000 car and in a few months time this crook who is implementing this, lowers emissions even more and you can’t drive your car, that you paid £30/40 000 for, at a time when there is a bubble in the price of cars, and in a year’s time you have to chop that in for t£20,000 to buy something newer so that you could drive around, unless of course you are in a financial position where you don’t mind, or you are happy to pay £12.50 a time to drive around on unclogged streets because the plebeians can’t afford to drive anymore?

Perhaps that would be nearer the mark and perhaps you possibly need a new car? (that was a dig) anyway that’s my thoughts on the matter, this is serious, this is a major Leap forward in a direction towards a dystopian society and I’m not going down the conspiracy route, I am referring to fact ,what I’ve referred to in the past is fact, it is sinister and it should concern all of us and we need to do our level best to stop this now thank you very much see you next time.

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