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"Utter Disgrace" Migrant Housing Plans to Cost Millions More Than Hotels

“Utter Disgrace” Migrant Housing Plans to Cost Millions More Than Hotels

The government’s plan to establish larger sites for housing asylum seekers is expected to cost a staggering £1.2 billion, according to a report by the National Audit Office (NAO) released today. While the report acknowledges that the Home Office has reduced the number of hotels used for migrant accommodation, it states that the move to establish larger sites has incurred substantial losses.

David Hak, a prominent human rights lawyer, lambasted the findings of the report, describing it as “52 pages of evidence of utter incompetence.” The figures revealed in the report are indeed breathtaking, with instances of gross overspending and budgeting miscalculations. For example, the site at Scampton, initially budgeted at £5 million, ended up costing a whopping £46-49 million – a clear indication of the chaos and mismanagement plaguing the system.

In an interview, Hak expressed his frustration with the government’s handling of the asylum seeker crisis. “It’s an absolute chaos,” he exclaimed, highlighting the lack of understanding and preparedness on the part of the Home Office, as cited in the NAO report: “The Home Office did not understand the challenges it faced.”

The report’s findings have reignited the debate surrounding the UK’s treatment of asylum seekers and the government’s ability to manage the influx of migrants effectively. While some argue that the UK is using asylum seekers and illegal migrants as scapegoats for broader societal problems, others contend that the issue lies in the inability to process applications promptly and efficiently.

Hak, who represents genuine asylum seekers, recounted the case of a young woman from Sai who had been waiting for over a year and a half for her application to be processed – a clear violation of the system’s intended purpose. “Even on the face of it, it really shouldn’t have been,” he lamented, suggesting that her case was rushed through to meet targets, leading to an unjust rejection.

The crux of the problem, according to Hak and others, is the lack of an effective processing system. “We should be able to process applications in this country in a couple of weeks if we put the right resources on,” he asserted, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive overhaul of the system to separate genuine asylum seekers from those without valid claims.

In response to the report, a Home Office spokesperson stated, “We’ve always been clear that the use of asylum hotels is unacceptable, which is why we acted swiftly to reduce the impact on local communities. While the NAO’s figures include setup costs, it’s currently better value for money for the taxpayer to continue with these sites than to use hotels.”

As the debate rages on, it is clear that the UK’s approach to addressing the migrant crisis requires a significant overhaul, with a focus on efficiency, transparency, and a commitment to upholding human rights standards. The NAO report serves as a stark reminder of the systemic failures and financial mismanagement plaguing the current system, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive reform.


• National Audit Office report shows government’s plans for larger migrant housing sites to cost £1.2 billion, much more than using hotels

• Report highlights incompetence, overspending, and budgeting issues by the Home Office
– E.g. Site at Scampton budgeted for £5m but ended up costing £46-49m

• Human rights lawyer David Hak calls report evidence of “utter incompetence” and “absolute chaos”

• Lack of effective processing system means genuine asylum seekers face long delays
– One case cited of asylum seeker from Sai waiting over 1.5 years

• Hak says applications should be processed within a couple weeks with proper resources

• Home Office defends use of larger sites as better value than hotels currently

• Calls for comprehensive reform of “unfit for purpose” system to uphold human rights and manage migration properly

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Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson
2 months ago

We did not vote for this, we cannot afford this and we do not want this!!!