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We need to act on immigration

The UK’s Immigration Crisis: Saying “No More” is the Only Solution

The United Kingdom is facing an unprecedented immigration crisis. Each week, thousands of migrants arrive illegally on British shores, overwhelming resources and infrastructure. Many have proposed solutions, from offshoring processing centers to deals with Rwanda. But the time has come for the British people and government to firmly say “no more.”


The Scale of the Crisis

The numbers speak for themselves. Recently, 11,000 migrants arrived by boat on the Italian island of Lampedusa in just one week. This is not an isolated incident, but the start of a massive wave. Unless something changes immediately, millions could flood into the UK and wider Europe.

European nations are already bursting at the seams. Housing, healthcare, education – basic infrastructure is straining under the influx. The UK must say “enough is enough” before the situation deteriorates further. Proposed solutions like the [failed Rwanda deal]( are mere political trophies, not real answers.

Danger to Citizens

Unchecked immigration also poses a direct threat to the safety of British citizens. With unknown numbers flooding in unchecked, there are no background checks or controls over who enters the country. Criminals can slip through alongside legitimate asylum seekers. Women and children are especially at risk.

No nation can maintain security or social services while allowing uncontrolled hordes to wander freely. The first duty of government is protecting its own citizens. That requires regaining control of borders and vetting all who wish to enter.

Time to Close the Doors

The days of unlimited immigration must end. With finite resources, the UK cannot take in unlimited numbers. Politicians must tell immigrant source countries that the doors are shut. While no nation can completely prohibit immigration, the UK’s first loyalty is to its own population.

The UK has over 6,000 islands, many capable of hosting offshore processing centers. No migrants should set foot on the mainland until thoroughly vetted. The vast majority are not legitimate asylum seekers anyway, but rather illegal economic migrants. [Under the Dublin Regulations](, true asylum seekers should have applied in the first EU country reached.

Time to Leave the ECHR

To regain control of its borders, the UK must be prepared to break with failing institutions like the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Rather than protecting legitimate rights, the ECHR has become a cash cow for human rights lawyers who prioritize migrants over citizens. Britain’s courts, government and people should decide its immigration policies, not foreign bodies. Leaving the ECHR will be painful, but essential to protect British sovereignty.

People Power Can Change Things

The political class has repeatedly failed to address immigration. The two main parties are beholden to special interests who profit from mass migration against the public’s wishes. With the electoral system rigged in their favor, there seems little hope.

Yet determined citizens can force change. Independents and minor parties can deny major parties a majority, breaking their power. By targeting seats in a coordinated way, just a handful of grassroots campaigns could neuter the establishment parties. When politicians must beg votes from the people, they will have to start listening.


  • The UK faces massive uncontrolled immigration overwhelming services and threatening social order
  • Politicians’ token efforts have failed. Only saying “no more” can avert disaster.
  • The UK must close its doors, process migrants offshore, and be prepared to defy institutions like the ECHR
  • Citizens must elect independents to force the main parties to act in the public interest
  • With determination and organization, the people can compel a stubborn political class to defend the nation’s borders, sovereignty and citizens

The immigration crisis seems daunting, but it’s not inevitable. Through courage and determination, the British people can demand the government uphold its duties and say “no more.” United, we can take back control. But there is no time to lose – we must act now before it’s too late.


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