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Antony Antoniou – Reform UK Northampton North
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
(PPC) 2024 General Election


We need to stand and reclaim Democracy

“We must unite to safeguard Democracy: Overcoming the Perils of Division and Exploiting Differences

The United Kingdom has long been a diverse nation, home to people of various backgrounds, races, religions, and creeds coexisting harmoniously under a common identity as Britons. However, we now face emerging threats that seek to sow division among us.

In a previous discussion on immigration, I stressed the importance of not misinterpreting my words. My intention is never to foster division, racism, or any form of discrimination. Those familiar with my property-related channel know my commitment to truth-telling in an industry rife with deceit. Regardless of your background, origin, race, or creed, I extend my hand to assist anyone in need. I hold disdain for the elitist corporations that cynically manipulate societal divisions for their own gains, thereby influencing our nation and the Western world.

Not too long ago, I referred to “woke warriors” and faced a barrage of abuse in various forms, from messages to emails. This is because I refuse to tolerate virtue-signaling hypocrites who manufacture division where none exists. They exaggerate non-existent rifts to appear virtuous, often seeking validation at social gatherings. What we fail to realize is that this behavior is far more perilous than we might imagine, as it has led to civil unrest and even war in some nations.

Cyprus serves as a poignant example. Divisions were sown during British rule, artificially categorising people as “Turkish Cypriots” and “Greek Cypriots,” despite their shared racial heritage. Even before DNA testing, it was evident that Cyprus had the world’s highest incidence of thalassemia, with 51% of its population carrying this genetic trait. While mostly harmless, thalassemia major, which necessitates monthly blood transfusions, results when two carriers have children. DNA later confirmed that all Cypriots share a common gene pool, yet these divisions were exploited to the point of turning people against each other, dividing the island.

I do not suggest that such a scenario will transpire in the UK, but we must remain vigilant against political forces that seek to create and exploit divisions, for this is a grave danger. So, what can we do? I previously announced my intention to run in the upcoming election for Northampton North. While the odds are stacked against independents, with none having won or even recouped their deposits, I am undeterred. My aim is not solely victory but to inspire others nationwide where independent candidates stand a chance.

We have been conditioned to believe that MPs must hail from elite backgrounds and partake in secretive rituals, but this is a fallacy. The best representatives emerge from real-life experiences—cab drivers, hairdressers, single parents—people from all walks of life. Regardless of your background, it is time to rise and make a difference. I do not propose that a legion of independents will govern, but we can secure enough seats to compel change and halt the exploitation and madness perpetuated by the arrogant and treacherous mainstream parties.

Do not allow them to sow division. They hail from different sewers, but they all ultimately answer to party whips, not to you. How many of us wanted our MPs to support the Iraq invasion? Likely none, yet they voted for it. I will unveil a Wall of Shame, exposing their names. As an independent, your beliefs matter, and it is healthy for us to disagree; this is the essence of democracy. We must reclaim our nation and instate genuine democracy.

In summary:
– The UK, home to diverse populations, faces emerging threats that seek to divide us.
– My mission is to foster unity, not division or racism.
– Corporations exploit societal divisions, a dangerous historical pattern.
– Cyprus serves as a cautionary tale of exploited divisions leading to civil strife.
– We must remain vigilant against political forces magnifying differences despite our commonalities.
– My candidacy in the next election aims to inspire a movement of independent candidates.
– True representatives come from diverse backgrounds, not just elite circles.
– We need enough independents to influence change and counter mainstream party division.
– Do not let them pit us against each other. We must reclaim our democracy.”

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