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Bait & Switch – The great illusion


The agenda of winning over the population with a false promise, which is intentionally designed to deceive the hidden motive is not new, but in recent years, we have been subjected to this more than ever.

For those of you who remember the euphoria in the early nineties, about 1992, when the customs union was going to enable people to buy anything they wanted from Europe at much lower prices and then bring it home, without penalty.

At the end of 1991, it was suddenly announced that this would not actually become law until the end of 1992, but not long after the customs union was finally in place, people were fined left, right and centre for supplying others with duty free goods, in other words, people who took the ferry to Calais and returned with hundreds of cigarettes for themselves, as well as friends and family, were suddenly fined.

The game of Cat & Mouse continued, until such time that it almost become pointless, but what was the real purpose of this charade? The reality was, that this illusion of cheaper goods was enough to misdirect people from all of the consequences of open borders. The reality was, that one year later in 2004, the borders opened and the UK was flooded with the larged inward migration in history.

Whilst big business welcomed the prospect of unlimited cheap labour, there was a very high price to pay and this price was to be paid by the poorest, the most disadvantaged and the vulnerable.

In the first place, those on minimum wage who relied on overtime at a higher rate, were suddenly plunged in to extreme poverty, as employers began to limit overtime to existing employees, because they could employ desperate workers from former Eastern Block countries at lower rates.

In reality, millions of people who were previously managing, were subjected to a pay cut by stealth, but this was just the start.

As the population began to swell, with young immigrants desperate for housing to bring families to live with them, the demand on housing began to increase disproportionately, once again, the poorest were the ones to suffer most, as they would increasingly face higher rents that were being asked in line with higher demand.

There was increasing demand for public services, schools, healthcare, which was once again at the expense of the poorest section of the existing population, who were increasingly side-lined.

Years later, we are facing the worst housing crisis since 1945, with the private rental market slowly collapsing under the legislation that was designed to protect tenants, but which in actual fact has resulted in less and less properties available for rent.

It seems that with every stroke of a pen, every raising of a hand in parliament, the organised deception continues.

The latest example of this has been the entire environmental agenda, which has seen ordinary people punished for actions that have little bearing on the real cause.

As a result, energy prices have increased exponentially due to green levies being added to utility bills, much of which has been distributed in grants to a certain few, who have made a fortune blighting our countryside with ugly wind turbines, in the meantime, the entire energy industry has been left so dependant on imported gas, that once again, as soon as there was an issue with supply, ie: the war in Ukraine, prices went through the roof, once again, causing those in need to suffer the most.

The latest example of ‘Bait & Switch’ must be Electric Cars, we have all been led to believe that within a decade or so, we will be living in a utopian world of clean transport, driving around in environmentally friendly EVs, with no emissions and no noise pollution, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth being, as the walls of reality come crashing towards us, is that EVs are not practical and will not be practical for a very long time, the entire infrastructure is collapsing due to a small but insignificant increase in EVs over the last year or two, with people across the country suffering severe problems with range anxiety, issues with charging and many of them are tied in to lease contracts that they are unable to walk away from, others who actually bought these vehicles, suddenly finding that the value of them has plummeted in recent weeks, by thousands of pounds.

What is in fact happening, is that EVs are being used as the bait, but the reality is, that with every EV that is sold, yet another ICE(internal combustion engine) car is taken off the road and crushed. In a decade or so, we will not all be driving around in EVs, we will in act enter an age, where the average person cannot afford an EV, or the associated road charges that are being implemented at a rapidly increasing rate, along with all of the restrictions that are being planned for towns & cities throughout the country.

This is not a change to EVs on a national scale, this is in fact the eradication of the car, for the majority of people on a national scale, along with their freedom and civil liberties.

Lithium, which is an essential part of modern batteries is often mined in appalling conditions by children, but nobody seems to care about that, the net environmental damage resulting from the manufacture and run each EV is actually more than an ICE cars, but they don’t mention that.

The damage to the roads from the additional weight, the danger to pedestrians from being hit by a vehicle that has up to three times the weight and therefore three times the momentum of an ICE car is also hushed, this is the proverbial Wool being pulled over the eyes of the entire nation.

Bait & Switch, the tried and tested formula for misleading the masses, look out for it, rearing its head behind an issue near you soon!



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