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Grooming Gangs - The shame of British Society

Grooming Gangs – The shame of British Society


How did our society reach the point where it is concerned more about causing offence, than the protection of the young, the innocent and the abused?

The Rotherham grooming gangs, who are still operating, not only demonstrate an institutional fear of being branded a racist, but they also clearly highlight the degree of contempt and racism against white British people by this minority, who may represent a small percentage of the population, but they also represent a disproportionately high number of offenders.

For years, we have all be manipulated to fear the prospect of being branded racist, the word has become a ‘catch-all’ term that is not only used to silence the masses, but also used as a vehicle for minorities to play the ‘white shaming card’ in order to gain the whip hand over the rest of the population.

The very fact that such vile acts were not only ignored, but also covered up, should reticulate with a wave of anger amongst the entire population, but sadly, most people are sleepwalking into the social abyss.

We are all aware that the majority of the population have been intimidated into silence, by the culturally damaged element who seek to destroy all that is good about our nation and Europe as a whole, but anyone who dares to be so misguided that they actually believe that they are achieving their goal, should think again.

The masses may have been socially, politically and legally castrated, but their words and their actions, do not in any way reflect their inner thoughts. The rage of the masses is quietly boiling over and anyone who dares to ignore that fact will find that this will be a melting pot that will not only catch the political classes by surprise, it will also result in a degree of social unrest not seen for decades.

The mere fact that years later, absolutely nothing has been done to address the behaviour of these vile people and the communities that are guilty by association, because they harbour them, is a fact that will come back to haunt them. This is not the usual acts of contempt, by a minority that clearly has not respect for their host nation, this was violence and abuse in its worse form.

These animals should never have been given any anonymity, support or protection, they should have been made an example of, so that they could be ostracised on a local and national level, but instead, a handful were threatened with deportation, in a case that was little more than a performance, because for as long as we are part of the ECHR, the political classes know only to well, that the legal system is tied up in knots.

There is absolutely no reason for us to be accountable to a court that has no respect for our sovereignty, we are a fair and compassionate society that is not in any way in need of legal and moral supervision, the mere fact that successive politicians of all sides, refuse to take us out of the ECHR, clearly demonstrate the greater agenda and their allegiance to those who really do pull the strings, behind the scenes.

Be in no doubt, that your silence makes you just as complicit as those vile criminals, who have destroyed hundreds, if not thousands of young girl’s lives. Yet the charade continues.

Mainstream media sold its soul long ago, by capitulating to the narrative and refusing to give this tragedy the exposure that is deserved, there can be no doubt about the reasons they have sold out, I believe the going rate is thirty pieces of Silver.

We are all aware of exactly what is happening, with those on the side of the destruction of our society exploiting every opportunity to further their cause, but in the end, this is not a battle for race or ethnicity, it is a battle for our very society. For as long as people do not accept that social problems are not geographic, but actually demographic, the erosion will continue until we reach a time where all that we love about our beautiful country will have been destroyed.




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